Auntie Has Been Busy

This weeks implement of the week is our short tan leather strap, affectionally know to us as Auntie.   Well this week she has been very busy, most of which I can remember what for, but none-the-less busy.   She was extremely busy the night after we went to the pub and I said something to C that caused her to give me the look and had the bar staff running away too.

Tan Leather Strap

Tan Leather Strap

The one thing I didn’t get any punishment was the C’s day off when a delivery man came to the door.  C remembered to move the strap to somewhere safe but forgot to move the sign above it.   She doesn’t know if he saw it or not, but she wasn’t happy about it.   The words say “There shall be but one Mistress here and no master” – a quote from Elizabeth Tudor and “A good spanking starts when the recipient wants it to stop” – another of my favourite quotes.   Below the strap is one of these nice signs that your mums, aunts, friends and daughters give you. You know the thing about what make a happy house, recipe for love etc.

What else would make HOH happier than a respectful and obedient partner under the harsh rule of a strap?

Tomorrow will be Auntie’s last day while a new implement is chosen.  I suspect she’s going to have one last trip across my bum as C dishes out some retribution for arriving very late and keeping her waiting.


A Nastier Punishment

Recipe: a brisk warm-up, the main event, and 6 of the best.
The brisk warm up is not quite the nice easy start to make your bum heat gradually and be more receptive to the main event. Think of it more as a nasty spanking to get you quickly to the point where you want it to stop so that every subsequent stroke in the main event will be quite ouch.
The main event could be a strapping, tawsing, caning or paddling. And then just when you think it’s all over, there’s a six of the best still to come. Each stroke to be hard and stingy with Lady C nagging just to make sure the message has got through. The six is just a title and doesn’t actually reflect the number of strokes that will be delivered as every spanking will be tailored to suit the level of punishment required.
So the punishments has mostly been described, it’s time to give some thought about my goals and rules. That’ll be the next post in My Disciplinarian series.

Super Strict, Swift and Silent

That’s our latest venture in Domestic Discipline, otherwise known as SSS DD.    Its that time of year when we have almost permanent house guests and even getting the house to ourselves for 5 minutes for maintenance is impossible.  Therefore we have thought up the Super Strict, Swift and Silent.

The straps and paddles make a lot of noise and it would be heard by inquisitive souls, therefore they are out.  Loopy Johnny is relatively quiet and good for a quick couple of lashes.   The small OTK cane is also quite quiet as is the crop.  We haven’t used either of there for a while.    The tawse on outstretched hands is another although it makes a slight noise – a noise that could be disguised by the TV or radio.  The other major benefit is that it requires no undressing making it very swift to administer.

Swift was taken to mean, that any infraction was to be dealt with almost immediately.  Now if in company that’s not always easy to do, however although we have guests we find ourselves in the back of the house in the dining room or kitchen alone quite a bit.  For these occasions, Lady C can do some quick CBT, or its only ten steps out the french windows to the shed where it is possible to make slightly more noise.   And who’s going to notice spanking noises coming from a shed?   We’ve placed a strap out there just ready for use – I thought it was almost in clear view, but Lady C took the best part of 15 minutes to find it.   The challenge was if she could find it, she could use it.  Still waiting for that to happen.

So that’s the swift and the silent.  The strict was a desire for Lady C to take note of absolutely everything I say or do and be able to find some fault with it.   Lady C is still not as strict as I would like sometimes, there’s always that thing where she wants to be nice to me after a bad day at work.  We’ll need to work on that one.

So today we find ourselves exploring the quiet and private places in our house with a list of outstanding punishments that need to be addressed.   What better way to spend a rainy day?


A Visual Deterrent

There’s nothing like a tawse lying out waiting to be used to act as a visual deterrent.

We goto the pub way too much, we drink way to much also.  Tonight we’ve came up with an idea to “help” us.   The original suggestion was along the lines of if tonight is not an agreed scheduled pub night then a tawse will be laid out as a visual deterrent.

The deterrent being whoever suggests that we go for a drink gets the business end of the tawse applied.  For Lady C this will be one stroke either on her bare bum or on her hands – she gets to choose at the time.   For me it will be strokes of the tawse probably on the hands in addition to some other nasty strap on my bum.

C took this suggestion and suggested that a two tailed tawse would mean no pub, whilst the three tailed one would mean a no alchol night.

We’d better put the tawse away soon, don’t want it lying out tomorrow just incase we want to go out, or worse still C might just fancy using it just for the fun of it 😦

Maintenance Mayhem

Our maintenance backlog mentioned here has been steadily reducing.   HOH thought we should manage two maintenance sessions a day until its all gets up to date.   She also thought it would be good fun to have me do it to myself as she continues to suffer with a sore arm.

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Devotional Domestic Discipline

We had planned to have a couple of days when all we did was Domestic Discipline.  Devotion of HOH and her favourite strap and get aquainted with them both again, whilst having a bit of fun into the bargain.   We had planned this as a springboard to get us back onto the DD lifestyle after circumstances prevented us from our chosen lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to others demands on us again, we had to bring it all to a premature end.   Now, over a week later we are free again 🙂

What was DDD anyway?    I dreamt this concept up over a few nights whilst away.   It was about treating HOH as a godess, making her feel special and basically giving her (and her strap) respect. The question that HOH should ask continuously is “prove to me how much you want me to be HOH”

What did we do?   Not a lot as it all got stopped early.   HOH after some quick homecoming kisses and cuddles, took the time to remind me what her strap felt like again.   I kissed HOH Strap after it heated my backside and HOH’s hand too as the hand that wielded it.   HOH Strap got to come everywhere with us, in HOH’s handbag to the pub and in my rusksack to my work – it was treated like one of the family.    The plan was that if HOH had her strap with her or was on show whilst in the house, having dinner etc. then she would remember to use it more.

But we got stopped early – it really was a bit annoying.

Now as the weekend approaches we can continue our restart. HOH will feel like she has more respect, greater control and lots of opportunities to use HOH Strap. “But I don’t need to use the strap on you all the time, I can lock you up too”. ” Yes Darling HOH, you can. Would that demonstrate devotion? “. ” Yes”, “Then please lock me up, My Darling HOH”.

As I having a soak in the bath, she remarked that a spanking on a wet bum would hurt more. ” Yes, you’re correct. Please spank me on my wet bum as a show of devotion “, and off she went to get HOH Strap and deliver a quick strapping on my wet bum.

I think HOH is going to have a lot of fun at my expense in the next few days and as this will be my first weekend at home on a weekend with a chance to do some chores and repairs then it’s also going to be a busy time. I’m open to suggestions regarding things that will be perceived as devotional, so feel free to comment or send us emails. I really need to get HOH’s email address on the site too, with her permission of course, so that you can be sneaky and have her spring surprises upon me 😀

Spanking Pants

We were talking this week about spanking pants.  Pants to be worn before, during or after spanking.  I’m kinda curious – should that be turned on? – about the whole concept. Continue reading

Devastating Dominator

One of our straps is the Dominator Strap, a particularly nasty short, heavy piece of leather.  Last week C used it on my bottom and the results were devastating. Continue reading

Strapped Hands

Yesterday, C strapped my hands with a tawse.  First time was one stroke on each palm with the 2H Tawse, latter it was two strokes on each hand with the same tawse. Continue reading

Warm Feeling

During yesterday morning’s illegal punishment I got this warm feeling.  I not talking about the warmth thats generated when your botty gets a strapping, I talking about an inner warmth, a nice glow that made me feel that somebody cares for me, even though that same somebody was at the non-business end of the strap.

We spoke about it last night and Lady C mentioned that she treated this differently as well.  For her she removed the emotion from it and carried out her duty as disciplinarian – even though it was illegal. 😉 Lady C would be the best person to describe how she felt.

If anything I feel we’re closer now than we’ve ever been.