Quick Punishments

So what happens with the Implement of the Week? For quick on the spot punishments it’s conveniently placed where it can be used. The quick punishment will be a minimum of eight strokes with the Implement on the bare bum. If it’s a tawse then it can be used to strap my hands – maximum of two strokes per hand.

Do I Want More?

That’s what HOH asked the other night after using the three tailed heavy tawse across my bum.   It was an on the spot strapping for giving HOH some playful spanks on her bum.

I didn’t answer so I probably should have got more, but at the time I was trying to focus on the tawse that was pointing right in my face.

At the time I didn’t want more.  It wasn’t the hurt of the strokes, I was just very, very tired.

What I did appreciate was the instantaneous way that HOH grabbed the first implement she put on and curtly commanded that I present my ass for her.

Personally I favour these instant punishments.  They get immediately to the point and correct errant behaviour when it is still fresh in the mind. It also feels that HOH has extra power which is every sub’s dream.

So do I want more?  Yeah, at least until it hurts 😉