Ending The Year With a Bang

The end of the year is almost upon us here and I was wondering how a FLR couple could make the year end with a bang.  I read somewhere that whatever you do when the clock strikes midnight tonight will be what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year.   That may ultimately determine what we get up to tonight and therefore what we do for the rest of the next year 🙂

Lady C took the initiative and said that we’re going to the pub, but only after we’ve had some fun.  Fun means she’s going to spank out the old year and spank in the new on my bare ass.   And tonight is going to be how we intend to continue in 2017.

So, whatever you’re doing or wherever you are, have a great night and the best wishes from us both for 2017.

A and C


Holiday Fun

It’s that time of year again to enjoy our annual holiday together.  I do like not having to do the same old dull schedule and instead get to do new, fun and exciting things in strange, unexplored locations.
I always feel that it gives us a new dimension to be a bit more risque. What better than the anonymity of a hotel room for a spanking knowing that someone might be listening at the door, or discussing the merits of male chastity at the bar or poolside?
I’m not quite ready in the vanilla world to go blatantly displaying my striped ass or naked in the sauna wearing only a Dicktator and a smile, but I do look forward to being able to crank it up a bit.


Hot Bot Day

It’s quite frosty and Lady C has offered to keep my bottom warm all day.  As I’m going to be in and out of the house all day it’ll mean that they’ll be quite a few warmings.  And, getting your bottom warmed when it’s cold is very stingy.


Super Strict, Swift and Silent

That’s our latest venture in Domestic Discipline, otherwise known as SSS DD.    Its that time of year when we have almost permanent house guests and even getting the house to ourselves for 5 minutes for maintenance is impossible.  Therefore we have thought up the Super Strict, Swift and Silent.

The straps and paddles make a lot of noise and it would be heard by inquisitive souls, therefore they are out.  Loopy Johnny is relatively quiet and good for a quick couple of lashes.   The small OTK cane is also quite quiet as is the crop.  We haven’t used either of there for a while.    The tawse on outstretched hands is another although it makes a slight noise – a noise that could be disguised by the TV or radio.  The other major benefit is that it requires no undressing making it very swift to administer.

Swift was taken to mean, that any infraction was to be dealt with almost immediately.  Now if in company that’s not always easy to do, however although we have guests we find ourselves in the back of the house in the dining room or kitchen alone quite a bit.  For these occasions, Lady C can do some quick CBT, or its only ten steps out the french windows to the shed where it is possible to make slightly more noise.   And who’s going to notice spanking noises coming from a shed?   We’ve placed a strap out there just ready for use – I thought it was almost in clear view, but Lady C took the best part of 15 minutes to find it.   The challenge was if she could find it, she could use it.  Still waiting for that to happen.

So that’s the swift and the silent.  The strict was a desire for Lady C to take note of absolutely everything I say or do and be able to find some fault with it.   Lady C is still not as strict as I would like sometimes, there’s always that thing where she wants to be nice to me after a bad day at work.  We’ll need to work on that one.

So today we find ourselves exploring the quiet and private places in our house with a list of outstanding punishments that need to be addressed.   What better way to spend a rainy day?


A Bad Day at the Office

C had a bad day at the office, so I jumped in the car and went into town to bring her home.  On the way home I suggested that if she wanted she could vent her anger on my ass once we got home.   There was only one condition –  she could only use the paddles.   It would be a paddling for every instance of annoyance or rant that she mentioned.

By the time we got home and ready for paddling, it was apparent that there was going to be a busy night.  Actually there wasn’t going to be enough time, so we settled for sparodic paddling every time she felt like it.  And that how it was, naked all night and almost non-stop paddling.

Until tonight…


A Good Spanking

I’ve mentioned a few time over the course of posting here about what consitutes a good spanking.    The best thing for summing it up is the phase “A good spanking only starts when the recipient wants it to stop”.

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Spanking Challenge

I have prepared a challenge for us both.   As the title of this post suggests its a spanking challenge.   Some of you may want to try this out too. Continue reading

Spanking Pants

We were talking this week about spanking pants.  Pants to be worn before, during or after spanking.  I’m kinda curious – should that be turned on? – about the whole concept. Continue reading

Spanking Cravings

Sometimes I crave to be spanked, to be humiliated, scolded and spanked hard and then spanked even more.
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We Need A New Bed

We were looking at a new bed recently.  C’s first criterion for selection was not colour or comfort.  It was to fit into our bedroom in such a way that will provide new spanking positions and to allow more of a back swing.    I can just imagine the smartly dressed salesman’s face when we answer his question if we knew what we were looking for.   Yes – we want a bed this high so that I can spank some ass on it and it should have some places that we can tie restraints onto and we don’t want a high foot board as it restricts some of the positions.

If C gets a bed that allows harder spankings then I want an extra soft mattress on my side to compensate.