The Hairbrush

Mistress has a new spanking implement – the hairbrush.   I bought it a few weeks ago and planned to present it to her as part of Her birthday celebrations, except I forgot.   I found it in the bag yesterday and that prompted me to place in on Her dressing table.

A few hours later and I had forgotten all about it until it was time to go out to the pub.   I went upstairs and realised that Lady C was standing waiting, hiding something behind Her back.   Oops I thought, she’s found the brush.   She had found and wanted to use it immediately.     Couple of swats later and I’m now regretting the purchase.   I’m sure the packaging described it as perfect for brushing unruly hair and didn’t say it was convenient for spanking bums.

This purchase means that there will be a spanking toy readily available at all time in the bedroom and probably will also be in Lady C’s toilet bag when we go away on our travels.  Who thought of such a stupid present?


Caning Practice

I got this nice cane for Lady C’s Christmas present.   She barely used it at all in January, so I offered her my bottom to her to practice so she could become more proficient in its use.

She took me at my word and almost every night bares my ass and does some practice.  As it was to be practice I said I would give her feedback.   The thing that normally reminds her is when she sees the implement of the week hanging up.

The first night was very light taps and I encouraged her to try some trial swishes in the air.  Wow, some of them caused me to wince just looking at them.   She’s steadily got harder and after a half dozen can get me wriggling out of the way of them.  One thing she hasn’t decided on yet is whether to do a full swing with follow through or stop the swing short of my ass and let the momentum and bend of the cane to do the business.   We’re open to suggestions as to the best method or other tips as neither of us have had any experience of the cane outwith our bedroom.   If I had a complaint, it would be that she has a tendency to cane too high up my bottom and when she does strike the lower part it stings so much more.  When she goes really low and catches the crease between ass cheek and thigh she usually apologizes to me – not very Mistress!

She’s not quite managed to get to that next step and cause welts and weals on my ass, but it won’t be long.   This cane is longer and thicker than the previous one and I can feel the difference without much effort on C’s part. Eventually it’ll be able to take it’s place in our collection of punishment implements.

Hot Bot Day

It’s quite frosty and Lady C has offered to keep my bottom warm all day.  As I’m going to be in and out of the house all day it’ll mean that they’ll be quite a few warmings.  And, getting your bottom warmed when it’s cold is very stingy.


Maintenance Mayhem

Our maintenance backlog mentioned here has been steadily reducing.   HOH thought we should manage two maintenance sessions a day until its all gets up to date.   She also thought it would be good fun to have me do it to myself as she continues to suffer with a sore arm.

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Another Spanking Challenge

I’ve mentioned the spanking challenge a few times, this post, and this one describes the idea, and this one tells how I wimped out.   After last week’s punishment when HOH had me tied over the benchboard and had paddled my ass I thought that this might be the way that I could do a bit better at the spanking challenge.

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Can I Choose My Punishment?

Should I be allowed to choose my own punishment?   I’m due a punishment and when I asked C if I should be allowed to pick my own fate, initially she said definately no.

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Punishment Time

Just over a week ago I mentioned here that I had refused maintenance and upset HOH. Continue reading

A Spanking For HOH

I really fancy giving HOH a spanking.  A nice over the knee bottom warming spanking.   I’ve been thinking about it since last night when she was being delightfully dominating.

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