Spanking Bench

For a while now I’ve wanted a spanking bench.  Something that will be used only for spankings, so if it is out then you kinda know whats coming next.  The main reasons for wanting is that I tend to wriggle out of the way and Lady C takes that as a sign that I want it to stop – well I do cause its starting to hury, but I also want her to carry on regardless.  With a properly design spanking bench I would not be able to wriggle out of the ways and my bum would still be awaiting more punishment.

Some of the more important criterion that the bench should have are that it needs to be lightweight, easy to carry and assemble, yet small enough to not take a lot of space when stored in a cupboard or under the bed.   It should present the buttocks nicely taughtened and provide support for the body, legs and arms with suitable restraints to keep everything in place and out of the way.  It should also be comfortable, and nicely padded so that it doesn’t cause the occupant any uneccessary pain allowing both an extended spanking on the bench and to focus entirely on the pain being inflicted on their bum.

I also thought it could have hooks for hanging the implements on and maybe even a small board for keeping a tally.  Other enhancements could be a timer or this gadget that I made.

Any of the designs I’ve seen on the web are all very expensive and it looks like it’ll need to be a home build.  Ideally it would be made out of metal, either tubes or rectangular hollow section, but I don’t have many metal working tools and not access to a welding machine, so its probably going to be made out of wood.  Easier to work with and nice and warm to the touch approaching something of a bit of furniture.

If anyone knows of plans, then I would appreciate a copy or pointed in the right direction, otherwise my busy schedule will get even busier by getting my drawing board and pencils out.   I did find this site which should be useful to anyone trying similiar projects.

Maintenance With Attitude

For a while now I’ve wondered what it would be like to get the HOH Strap at full strength.    HOH has delivered a few at full strength before but only towards the end of a punishment and my ass is already throbbing.

I suggested that she performs maintenance as normal except that each stroke would be full on and not the measured 25% or 50% that she normally give.   “Are you sure?”, she asks.   “Yes”, well I was at the time.  Since maintenance has been overdue every week this year so far and this we are catching up and today is maintenance day so it should be something a bit special.

“Then that’s how it’ll be”, she says.

This morning she left for the shower with the instructions to be ready for her coming back.   Maybe she’ll have forgotten last night’s conversation I though.  Better get ready and in position anyway.   So I got ready on my elbows and knees with bum raised and strap laying across the small of my back and waited there with the bed covers still over me.

HOH walks back into the room and puts the main lights on and pulls back the covers.    Without any further delay she lifts the cold strap and with the other hand pushes me on the back urging me to stick my bum out slightly more.

“It was to be Maintenance with Attitute, wasn’t it?”,  Ok, she’s not forgotten so I kept in position not moving and said nothing.

Maintenance is normally six strokes with the HOH Strap.    The first stroke landed square across my ass, just at the really sensitive crease.   “Too low” muttered Lady C, “too damnned accurate and sore” I though.  What a difference to the usual strokes.   The others rained down, most didn’t land squarely, but number five was spectacular – just a bit higher and the first – and then because number six was another mishit she repeated it.

“Oooh, that’s toasty warm, isn’t it?”

Normally a strapping with the HOH Strap takes a discrete time for the heat to develop, but today was instant and the redness appearing not far behind.

At the time I thought that Lady C needs to practice a bit and perfect her harder strokes.   Funnily enough she send a message on her way to work that she needs practice.    During a punishment she seems to be able to do it no problem and I’ve watched over my shoulder as she gets into a rhythym and gives it her all.

Perhaps I should set up the video camera and we can strive towards perfection so that the mere mention of some hard strokes sets my pulse racing.   That’s my Darling Disciplinarian.

Double Domestic Discipline

It was only a few days ago when I was thinking what the point of persevering with Domestic Discipline when we hadn’t done anything remotely DD.  It was looking like we should just call it a day and rip up all our rules and procedures. There has been no maintenance since mid December and no talk about it, no planning and definately no punishments.

The house looks like there’s no discipline in it.  Things are left strewn all over the place and there’s no plan to address all the things that need to be done.

And then, this morning when I least expected it, HOH pulls the bed covers off me and commands me into the “present” position.  This morning of all days, the morning when we did not expect to get a full nights sleep as C was due at the airport at a very unreasonable time.  

Maintenance usually means six measured strokes from her beloved HOH Strap.   Each finds its place squarely across my ass cheeks and with it the instant sting, the heat comes later.   After one or two I find myself wanting them to stop as this position really stretches my bum taut and gives absolutely no possibility of me clenching or Lady C missing.  They are never at full strength and I’ve always wondered what the evil strap would feel like if HOH felt like putting some effort into it.  Would a single stroke cause me to emit a squeal and immediately jump upright whilst my hands try to rub the pain away?

The strokes start and possibly are a bit quicker than usual.  After the sixth stroke landed I thought that was that and proceeded to get back into my usual sleeping position again without waiting for HOH to tell me that I could move again. “We’ve got a lot of catching up with Maintenance to do, so present again you’re getting more”.

Reluctantly I got back into position, well to be truthful I didn’t quite get my back arching quite as much as it should, and HOH delivered another six strokes.   Maybe it was the position that wasn’t as perfect or it could have been HOH feeling sorry for my bum, but these six didn’t feel as hard as the first six.   Once that was over it was definately time to snuggle back in as C demanded a cuddle.

So our first venture into DD this year turned out to be double maintenance.   On reflection it was nice in a different way.  It made me feel wanted and loved, something that’s been missing for a while.   Somehow I think HOH will be planning more to catch up with the four outstanding maintenance sessions.  Maybe the next time I’ll be writing about Triple Domestic Discipline.


Just Another Spanking

“Present”  (your ass) she says and I get into position on the floor on my hands and knees with my backside well raised and presented.   I know what it is going to be presented for and Lady C has gone upstairs to fetch it.   Its her favourite implement, she finds it easy to use and to her delight it doesn’t take much for her to cause my ass discomfort.

I can hear her footstep on the bedroom floorboards pacing over to where she keeps it – maybe this time she’ll go to the wardrobe and get another implement for a change?   Nope, I can imagine I hear the familiar noise as she pulls it from its hiding place, actually its more of an ambush position, at Lady C’s side of the bed.

Now I have to wait for her to return and I’m aware of the cool air brushing over my naked, vulnerable ass which is loosing the residual body warmth rapidly, yet is now slightly sweating in anticipation of that initial sting.

It seems an age before the footsteps get louder and I hear her close by my side.   “Get that ass right up, you know how it should be”.  She continues to take her time walking around me with her beloved HOH Strap in her hand.  My fears are confirmed, its the one she wants me to fear the most and that’s probably what she’s going to try for again.

She presents the business end of the strap for me to kiss and then her hand.   I have to respect both the instrument of punishment and the hand that wields it.   That just one of the things that gives my HOH her power.   With her strap she commands respects and with her strap she controls and punishes.

Now it is time, I feel her hand on the small of my back and the coolness of the strap as it is placed against my cheeks.   The strap is removed and I think that maybe she has changed her mind.   Nope – I catch the sight of her turning and the final flick of her wrist as she effortlessly inflicts a burning stroke across my ass.  I react with a gasp and my body involtantary flinches.  Ouch that hurt – the first one always hurts and she doesn’t give me much time to recover before the next one lands almost on top of the last.  Ow – now I wondering how many is to be administered before I get relief from this instrument of pain.    Will it be the standard six for maintenance, or is to be more?  She’s not going to think about stopping until she knows the strap has done its work and even then there will be a final six.

Finally its all over and I’m kept in position whilst she inspects her handiwork and I feel the coolness, this hand of her hand, as she makes sure that my bum is nice and hot.   Now the strap is presented again along with the same hand for the kiss of my tormentors and she can release me from my position.

We hug and we kiss.

Was this a dream, has it happened or is it just a matter of time before it happens?

Another Spanking Challenge

I’ve mentioned the spanking challenge a few times, this post, and this one describes the idea, and this one tells how I wimped out.   After last week’s punishment when HOH had me tied over the benchboard and had paddled my ass I thought that this might be the way that I could do a bit better at the spanking challenge.

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Punishment Part 3 – This is going to hurt

After HOH strapped my hands I was sent to retrieve the benchboard and some implements.

The benchboard is not so severe a position as the C’s standard on my hands and knees with ass in the air, but it does allow restraints to be used and that means I cannot escape the punishing strokes.

The main punishment started with ten strokes with Loopy Johnny followed by ten with the 3H Tawse.   Further batches of Loopy Johnny and the 3H Tawse were given 6 strokes at a time. HOH took her time and every stroke landed on the desired target.  After each batch C examined her handiwork and judging by the mumbles she was pleased with her efforts.

After a couple of more batches C decided that my ass had had enough of Loopy Johnny and Mr Tawse.   This meant, however, that it was time for C to have a bit of fun and “colour in” any whitish parts with a vigourous paddling using her Boudoir Paddle.   This really got me wriggling especially when several strokes landed in the same place and the top of the thighs.   It was soon over and after all the equipment was put away we had lots more cuddles and hugs.

I think C really enjoyed seeing me wriggling when she was paddling as she looked really smug when she had finished.

Being paddled over the benchboard gave me an idea for another spanking, but that’s going to be the subject of the next post.



Can I Choose My Punishment?

Should I be allowed to choose my own punishment?   I’m due a punishment and when I asked C if I should be allowed to pick my own fate, initially she said definately no.

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Not Quite A Sore Bum

Yesterday I suggested to HOH that there was an outstanding punishment and that it was now Punishment Time.   HOH accepted the reminder and presently I was invited to go and lie across the benchboard. Continue reading

Punishment Time

Just over a week ago I mentioned here that I had refused maintenance and upset HOH. Continue reading

Festive Spanking

It’s that time of year when the world goes crazy doing all sorts of random things and pretending its all part of Christmas.   Why shouldn’t the spanking and DD world get a share of the fun too? Continue reading