Look What’s Waiting

Sometimes when I walk through the door I want to see a strap or tawse lying on the table.  It’s like a statement that simply says your ass is going to get spanked soon.  Maybe even a couple of times.

Or imagine a strap laid out in every room you go into?  That can only mean a lot of spankings.

And then once the strap starts warming up to the task in hand, its not such a good thing.

Wonder what’ll happen the next time I walk through the door?


Catch Up Maintenance

As A has mentioned he was working away for quite a while. This has left the weekly maintenance sessions in not a small amount of disarray. With times A was home very short and often clashing with other family commitments, we have found ourselves with quite a backlog!
Luckily, whilst drawing up our contract, we made provision for just such an emergency. Maintenance missed can be caught up on by following a simple formula. A is really not looking forward to all the extra strokes required to catch his backside up on all the missed sessions.
The formula adds 4 strokes to the original 6 for each missed session! So for a session catching up on 1 we would have 10 strokes. I started him off gently as I feel his cheeks had become soft after such a long time, so 2 sessions were merged and 10 strokes duly swiped across his perfectly presented ass.
Today is the start of the extending of the maintenance sessions, A is to recieve 14 strokes of my beloved ‘Mistress Strap’ 3 sessions in one. This will be followed by the 4 session missed session, if you get my meaning, having 18 strokes of the strap.
I have been walking round town with a rather smug look upon my face as I am seeing a lot of my A’s beautifully rosy ass squirming beneath me.

Happy Spanking My Friends

Lady C

I Got Away With It

Self Maintenance is complete.  HOH Strap was used by me on my bare ass for the purpose of maintenance.

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Festive Spanking

It’s that time of year when the world goes crazy doing all sorts of random things and pretending its all part of Christmas.   Why shouldn’t the spanking and DD world get a share of the fun too? Continue reading

Spanking Challenge Round 1

C accepted my Spanking Challenge and within minutes of getting home had her favourite Mistress Strap out and ready for action.  How did it go? Continue reading

Spanking Challenge

I have prepared a challenge for us both.   As the title of this post suggests its a spanking challenge.   Some of you may want to try this out too. Continue reading

A Year of Domestic Discipline

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our domestic discipline agreement. As it customary with other anniversaries we thought we would do something to recognise the acheivement.

After getting dresed in suitable attire – a lovely green basque, matching knickers and a heels for C, naked except for a humbler for me – we got down to the business in hand.  First on the agenda was the renaming of the Mistress Strap – aka Bitch Strap – to become the HOH Strap.   To be used only by C at any time for maintenance and discipline.  I can no longer touch it except when explicitly commanded by C to fetch or put away.  The strap formally known as the Mistress Strap has been C’s favourite over the last year.  She finds it very easy to use and is always pleased with the results it produces in reddening by bum so it was appropriate that it was recognised.  C stated that she will continue the use the HOH Strap with as much, possibly more enthusiasm in the coming year.

Presentation ceremony of the HOH Strap over it was time for the special Annual Maintenance Spanking. We had decided that there wasn’t to be any maintenance or discipline at this ceremony, but after the results of the poll here it was obvious that our readers expected one.  The annual maintenance was in two parts.  A single stroke as hard as C could deliver was to represent the ending of the previous year with all crimes and misdemeanors having been addressed and completed.  Another single stroke even harder was to mark the start of the coming year and the to symbolise that the domestic discipline regime would continue but with stricter rules and harder punishments.  C delivered the first stroke but due to the position couldn’t get a really good swing.  The next year’s stroke didn’t connect too good either as landed a bit low catching the top of my legs – ouch.

In between strokes C applied some wax to my bum.  This was something that she’s wanted to do ever since the first days of our relationship.  She was a bit disappointed that the wax being ripped off didn’t reduce me to a blubbering wreck.  On the other hand she is pleased by the smooth lines of my rear end.  My bum is now clean and free of hair and prepared to receive punishments in the coming year.

We had some dinner accompanied by wine before retiring to the bedroom.  I then lay across C’s lap and we practiced some vows before C gave me a nice hand spanking.  We then ended the evening with some love making before heading off to the pub and complete the celebrations.  We did drink more that we intended and have possibly broken our rules on the first day of year two.  It was a special occasion and hopefully C will recognise the fact and I’ll escape a spanking.

Over dinner we had a mini review of the year past.  We could think of lots of good things that our year of domestic discipline has allowed, but we could come up with a single bad thing with the exception of my bum getting regularly roasting.  One of our DD goals is our health and in particular drinking less and losing a bit of weight.  It was really good that C managed to fit into one of her basques and looked stunning in it. If there was ever a good reason for continuing with DD then it was seeing C towering over me waring her basque and looking stern.

The last month or so we have been getting better prepared and putting more emphasis on DD within our relationship and we’re wanting to achieve more sooner. C has also recently discovered how quick and effective the alternate punishments like tawsing my hands, spanking my balls and locking me in a chastity tube are. So armed with her HOH Strap, the stricter rules and the recently added consequences it should be an interesting year ahead and most of it will be spent with my bum in the air.

The Fitness Bug

We’ve been embarking on a health and fitness drive.  This is good as it was one of my primary goals that the DD lifestyle was going to help me achieve.  I have this inner generally good feeling that I don’ t get too often.  It feels like being reborn, we’re trying to eat healthier, drink less, excercise more, and we’re about finished our home renovations.    Continue reading

6 Month Ass-essment

I’ve got a bit of free time on my hands today and thought since its the 1st day of the 2nd half of the year to have the Disciplined Boyfriend Blog 6 month assessment.   Continue reading

Maintenance Time

C had a day off work yesterday so she found she had time and opportunity to provide me with a maintenance spanking.

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