A Little Reminder

For a week we had a trial of something slightly different in the DD campaign.  HOH would provide a “reminder” about our tasks and goals for that day.  That reminder took the form of laying across HOH’s knee whilst she nagged and questioned about what we were going to achieve or, in the case of the pub, not going to do.  With a tautly stretched bot and the boudoir paddle applied in time to the nagging it got the message across and overall was a success.

We been talking about this again this week and how its so much better than maintenance. Actually I think its maintenance albiet under a different name.   The idea behind it is that it is preventative and helps to achieve the goals by encouragement before failing.  It works for both of us as it helps us remember every day what our goals are. Lady C is also thinking about ceasing maintenance in favour of daily reminders.

Last night we had another reminder session.   HOH also wanted me to choose the implement – “not for me to choose My Darling HOH, but it has to be a nagging implement”.   She flirted with some of the nasty ones, but ended up with the red heart shaped paddle and got off very lightly with a massage more than a spanking.   Compare that to six with her HOH strap.

Question is should HOH use her strap for daily reminders or continue with a lessor implement like the Boudoir Paddle or should it be on a day by day basis?

Unfortunately we overdid it a bit last night and managed to conviently forget our goals and targets for the day.  But it was a special occasion and HOH did state that she was being kind.  I’m sure that mistake will not be made again.


Catch Up Maintenance

As A has mentioned he was working away for quite a while. This has left the weekly maintenance sessions in not a small amount of disarray. With times A was home very short and often clashing with other family commitments, we have found ourselves with quite a backlog!
Luckily, whilst drawing up our contract, we made provision for just such an emergency. Maintenance missed can be caught up on by following a simple formula. A is really not looking forward to all the extra strokes required to catch his backside up on all the missed sessions.
The formula adds 4 strokes to the original 6 for each missed session! So for a session catching up on 1 we would have 10 strokes. I started him off gently as I feel his cheeks had become soft after such a long time, so 2 sessions were merged and 10 strokes duly swiped across his perfectly presented ass.
Today is the start of the extending of the maintenance sessions, A is to recieve 14 strokes of my beloved ‘Mistress Strap’ 3 sessions in one. This will be followed by the 4 session missed session, if you get my meaning, having 18 strokes of the strap.
I have been walking round town with a rather smug look upon my face as I am seeing a lot of my A’s beautifully rosy ass squirming beneath me.

Happy Spanking My Friends

Lady C

Super Strict, Swift and Silent

That’s our latest venture in Domestic Discipline, otherwise known as SSS DD.    Its that time of year when we have almost permanent house guests and even getting the house to ourselves for 5 minutes for maintenance is impossible.  Therefore we have thought up the Super Strict, Swift and Silent.

The straps and paddles make a lot of noise and it would be heard by inquisitive souls, therefore they are out.  Loopy Johnny is relatively quiet and good for a quick couple of lashes.   The small OTK cane is also quite quiet as is the crop.  We haven’t used either of there for a while.    The tawse on outstretched hands is another although it makes a slight noise – a noise that could be disguised by the TV or radio.  The other major benefit is that it requires no undressing making it very swift to administer.

Swift was taken to mean, that any infraction was to be dealt with almost immediately.  Now if in company that’s not always easy to do, however although we have guests we find ourselves in the back of the house in the dining room or kitchen alone quite a bit.  For these occasions, Lady C can do some quick CBT, or its only ten steps out the french windows to the shed where it is possible to make slightly more noise.   And who’s going to notice spanking noises coming from a shed?   We’ve placed a strap out there just ready for use – I thought it was almost in clear view, but Lady C took the best part of 15 minutes to find it.   The challenge was if she could find it, she could use it.  Still waiting for that to happen.

So that’s the swift and the silent.  The strict was a desire for Lady C to take note of absolutely everything I say or do and be able to find some fault with it.   Lady C is still not as strict as I would like sometimes, there’s always that thing where she wants to be nice to me after a bad day at work.  We’ll need to work on that one.

So today we find ourselves exploring the quiet and private places in our house with a list of outstanding punishments that need to be addressed.   What better way to spend a rainy day?


Please Would You Whip My Ass

That was the words that Lady C demanded that I say.  Ok, I didn’t acutally say them they were send in a SMS message when I was on my way home.   “Yes A, hard! You will wriggle”.

“Loopy? Its the quietest.  I was thinking about the house guest.  Audible whacks might not be good”, said Lady C.

So with the scene set it took me about another 3 hours to get home.  The airline managed to mess me about by taking an extra 30 minutes before trying to leave the gate, by which time we had missed our slot.  Once landed, the bags tooks ages to come out and then there was a monstorous queue at the taxi rank and just to add insult to injury the taxi driver was intent on driving as slow as she could.

Eventually I got home and was invited to the bedroom.  We had something else going on, which I might share in another post and would like to explore a bit more with Lady C.  Anyway my clothing was removed and I stuck my ass in the air for my whipping.

It is pretty quiet both when it swishes through the air as well as when it lands.  Definately more of a whipping implement than a spanking one it bites and tends to cause welts.   Well it would have if Lady C had been in a stricter mood.   She only gave about 6 strokes and I didn’t wriggle, well I don’t think I did.  I suspect that after being away for a while she was happy to see me again.  “Oh, and we haven’t had any maintenance for a while either, have we?”.  No we haven’t.   Six light strokes with Loopy is definately not comparable with six with her bitch strap.   I’m not sure what the formula would be for maintenance, that would for Lady C to decide.  Unfortunately, there’s a bit of backlog in the maintenance department 😦

Meantime Lady C has asked if I want a massage when she gets home. Mmmm, OK its not very dominant asking me if I want, but if enough to get my brain working overtime thinking about what she might get up to 🙂


Normal Maintenance

After yesterday’s extra strength maintenance it was back to normal this morning for the last but one mainenance session catchup.

The combination of maintenance in the morning along with the daily fitting of a Dicktator is good combination and sets me up for a full day of working around the house and sorting things out.   Dicktator is always a gentle reminder of HOH’s power and control and feeling the fading tingle and heat from her strap makes for a contented Disciplined Boyfriend.

I’m thinking that HOH and I need to discuss further about doing more of this when she is working and I’m off – most weekends.   A quick maintenance strapping in the morning and a day spent in Dicktator waiting for my beloved HOH to rush home.   Its not hard to implement or endure and the end results can only be good for the house, us and the DD lifestyle.


Getting Started In Domestic Discipline Part 3

The first two parts have been consolidated here and are probably most of what any beginners to DD need to know.   In this part I’m going to finish up by discussing Boot Camps and some other bits and pieces that don’t really fit in anywhere else.

Boot Camps

We don’t do these correctly, however who’s to say any other way is wrong either.   The purpose of Boot Camps is to have, usually, a weekend set aside when you do nothing except talk, act and sleep Domestic Discipline.   It is an opportunity to establish the HOH and take each other out of their own comfort zones.   By this I mean you will get a punishment that is very hard by your own standards or in the case of HOH have to administer it.    Trust me its harder than it sounds from both sides.

When we do boot camps we tend to have a week when maintenance is performed daily and every task or rule is taken to extremes and punishments dished out accordingly.   For us the idea is to get us back into the way of the DD routine and making sure things gets done.

However you choose to do it is entirely up to you, but do take the time to plan it out in advance and if spending an entire weekend, make sure that you don’t need to stop to go out and goto the shops or have any other things that get in the way.  For us, our weekends are precious to us and we don’t want to give them up by staying in the house all weekend.

Other Hints and Tips

Whatever you make your DD arrangement is entirely up to yourselves.   I’ve given some ideas from what we do and have found to work for us.  Its up to you to find what works for you.

Getting the rules recorded is definately something that needs to be done.  Having a strong HOH who interprates them is also important.

Don’t make up rules on the fly, think about them before hand and agree to them and try and stick to them.

Allow yourselves days off – days when you both agree you’re not going to engage in DD.

Allow flexibility in the rules and review them to ensure that they’re actually what you want to do.

Take punishment time seriously.   It is meant to deter future bad behaviour and should do so.   For the punisher, you have more than your partners consent to punish – your partner WANTS or NEEDS you to punish to acheive goals.   Don’t let them down.   For the punishee – as just mentioned you want your partner to punish you so help you acheive your goals.   Don’t be suprised when you get a call for a punishment – it is for the greater good.

Don’t let not being in a mood for a spanking get in the way.  This is not for sexual relief.

Remember this is within a loving relationship to achieve goals, don’t let it become abuse.

Initially, start with a few rules and keep them simple.   Add rules later once you get into the way of things.

How you interprate the rules is entirely up to individuals and moods.   Some go for a complete strict approach with absolutely no allowances, others go for a more relaxed approach.   We tend to stick to the relaxed approach most of the time.

Punishment time is also something that couples do differently.  Some like a weekly assessment and perform punishments at this time, whilst others like to act immediately or at the first convenient time – “Wait ’till I get you home”.    Having the best of both works too.   An immediate punishment as soon as the offence is committed, with a weekly to cover all the others.   There is also the option of having a punishment BEFORE any offence might be committed to encourage good behaviour.   Imagine you are both going out to a dinner party and you don’t want your partner getting too drunk again as they did last time… You get the idea.

Punishments don’t need to be limited to spanking bums.

Above all, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing it wrong.   Your Domestic Discipline arrangment is yours to do what you want to do, however if you want advice, then ask.

And lastly, enjoy your new Domestic Discipline lifestyle.   It can be rewarding, even humbling after a punishment when you both get together hug, kiss and make up.   It takes a lot of stresses and tensions out of the relationship.     You may also find that you say sorry a bit more too.



Maintenance Mayhem

Our maintenance backlog mentioned here has been steadily reducing.   HOH thought we should manage two maintenance sessions a day until its all gets up to date.   She also thought it would be good fun to have me do it to myself as she continues to suffer with a sore arm.

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Punishment Time

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Missed Maintenance

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