Implement of the Week

This will be this week’s instrument of punishment. Specially an implement will be chosen every week for My Disciplinarian to punish me. The details of the punishments have still to be worked out, but the implement of the week will be used.


There’s a nice hook been recently installed close to our front door which will in our moments of privacy be used to hang said implement upon. It’ll be one of the first things to be seen walking into the house or navigating between lounge and kitchen.
I have selected the following implements to be available: Auntie Strap, HOH Strap, 3H Tawse, 2H Tawse, 2M Tawse, Glasgow Strap, Dominator Strap, Senior Dragon Cane, Loopy Johnny and Boudoir Paddle.
I’ve not decided on the selection process yet. I may choose them myself, Lady C may get to choose, or I may even be open to suggestions from the readers here. The implement will be changed at the same time as we change our bathroom towels, so that should be easy to remember.
The first implement will be the auntie strap, but before it can be put into use I’m going to need to do some thinking about the punishments. Of course, these are my rules for me, and in no way restrict Lady C from doing her own thing in addition to them. I would hate to think that I was overruling her 😉

Super Strict, Swift and Silent

That’s our latest venture in Domestic Discipline, otherwise known as SSS DD.    Its that time of year when we have almost permanent house guests and even getting the house to ourselves for 5 minutes for maintenance is impossible.  Therefore we have thought up the Super Strict, Swift and Silent.

The straps and paddles make a lot of noise and it would be heard by inquisitive souls, therefore they are out.  Loopy Johnny is relatively quiet and good for a quick couple of lashes.   The small OTK cane is also quite quiet as is the crop.  We haven’t used either of there for a while.    The tawse on outstretched hands is another although it makes a slight noise – a noise that could be disguised by the TV or radio.  The other major benefit is that it requires no undressing making it very swift to administer.

Swift was taken to mean, that any infraction was to be dealt with almost immediately.  Now if in company that’s not always easy to do, however although we have guests we find ourselves in the back of the house in the dining room or kitchen alone quite a bit.  For these occasions, Lady C can do some quick CBT, or its only ten steps out the french windows to the shed where it is possible to make slightly more noise.   And who’s going to notice spanking noises coming from a shed?   We’ve placed a strap out there just ready for use – I thought it was almost in clear view, but Lady C took the best part of 15 minutes to find it.   The challenge was if she could find it, she could use it.  Still waiting for that to happen.

So that’s the swift and the silent.  The strict was a desire for Lady C to take note of absolutely everything I say or do and be able to find some fault with it.   Lady C is still not as strict as I would like sometimes, there’s always that thing where she wants to be nice to me after a bad day at work.  We’ll need to work on that one.

So today we find ourselves exploring the quiet and private places in our house with a list of outstanding punishments that need to be addressed.   What better way to spend a rainy day?


Please Would You Whip My Ass

That was the words that Lady C demanded that I say.  Ok, I didn’t acutally say them they were send in a SMS message when I was on my way home.   “Yes A, hard! You will wriggle”.

“Loopy? Its the quietest.  I was thinking about the house guest.  Audible whacks might not be good”, said Lady C.

So with the scene set it took me about another 3 hours to get home.  The airline managed to mess me about by taking an extra 30 minutes before trying to leave the gate, by which time we had missed our slot.  Once landed, the bags tooks ages to come out and then there was a monstorous queue at the taxi rank and just to add insult to injury the taxi driver was intent on driving as slow as she could.

Eventually I got home and was invited to the bedroom.  We had something else going on, which I might share in another post and would like to explore a bit more with Lady C.  Anyway my clothing was removed and I stuck my ass in the air for my whipping.

It is pretty quiet both when it swishes through the air as well as when it lands.  Definately more of a whipping implement than a spanking one it bites and tends to cause welts.   Well it would have if Lady C had been in a stricter mood.   She only gave about 6 strokes and I didn’t wriggle, well I don’t think I did.  I suspect that after being away for a while she was happy to see me again.  “Oh, and we haven’t had any maintenance for a while either, have we?”.  No we haven’t.   Six light strokes with Loopy is definately not comparable with six with her bitch strap.   I’m not sure what the formula would be for maintenance, that would for Lady C to decide.  Unfortunately, there’s a bit of backlog in the maintenance department 😦

Meantime Lady C has asked if I want a massage when she gets home. Mmmm, OK its not very dominant asking me if I want, but if enough to get my brain working overtime thinking about what she might get up to 🙂


The Loopy Johnny Experience

After a week with no work and lots of play it was punishment time.   It also coincided with HOH being treated as Goddess for a day.  Actually that lasted more than the day.

As part of the Goddess treats she allowed me to choose the implement and method of its use.   Loopy Johnny used vigourously was my choice.   Not because I particularly  like it, but because I thought HOH would like its effect.

When the time came , HOH commanded on my hands and feet on the floor and stood astride me and as instructed proceeded to whip down my arse cheeks vigourously.   A minute was HOH’s prescribed dose and it took nowhere near that to get my attention.

The Loopy Johnny is an evil invention and whilst it looks pretty harmless, its basically just a short whip.  Normally HOH takes her time with it to get a harder, more accurate stroke.   This means I get off with anything between 6 and 12 strokes, individually each stroke is not too hard to take but they tend to cause more welts than most of the other implements we have.   I’ve never experienced a lot more strokes, but I do know it would start becoming pretty nasty.

With HOH whipping away vigourously, each stroke was relatively lighter but there were a LOT more.  And the cumulative effect was for me to start wriggling to try and avoid them.  It seemed that most were landing on the right hand bum cheek and I was trying to twist so that some would land on my other cheek.   I don’t know if C was deliberately trying to punish only one side.  She has done in the past, but has always evened things up by punishing the other for a bit too.

Overall, not the worst punishment I’ve ever received, but C certainly enjoyed seeing me wriggling knowing that her efforts were having the desired effect.

That was a week ago and this week hasn’t really been much better than last so I might need to bare my ass for HOH again very soon.


Punishment Part 3 – This is going to hurt

After HOH strapped my hands I was sent to retrieve the benchboard and some implements.

The benchboard is not so severe a position as the C’s standard on my hands and knees with ass in the air, but it does allow restraints to be used and that means I cannot escape the punishing strokes.

The main punishment started with ten strokes with Loopy Johnny followed by ten with the 3H Tawse.   Further batches of Loopy Johnny and the 3H Tawse were given 6 strokes at a time. HOH took her time and every stroke landed on the desired target.  After each batch C examined her handiwork and judging by the mumbles she was pleased with her efforts.

After a couple of more batches C decided that my ass had had enough of Loopy Johnny and Mr Tawse.   This meant, however, that it was time for C to have a bit of fun and “colour in” any whitish parts with a vigourous paddling using her Boudoir Paddle.   This really got me wriggling especially when several strokes landed in the same place and the top of the thighs.   It was soon over and after all the equipment was put away we had lots more cuddles and hugs.

I think C really enjoyed seeing me wriggling when she was paddling as she looked really smug when she had finished.

Being paddled over the benchboard gave me an idea for another spanking, but that’s going to be the subject of the next post.



Black Leather Slapper Retirement

No more black leather slapper. Honestly, it was a toy from a sex boutique and was never designed to properly spank a bare bottom.
I mentioned in my last post here that I thought it was unsuitable and wanted C to confirm this. She hasn’t done anything about so therefore I need to take the initiative and make sure something is done about it.

By midnight tonight C has to make a decision on the black slapper, failure to make a decision means that she will get two slapper strokes tomorrow morning or a single tawse stroke. I really want HOH to be decisive!

C’s choices will be the following:

1. Don’t really make a choice and get 6 strokes from the black slapper every time it is used on my bum
2. Demand that the black slapper is to be used exclusively on her bum and no other implement is allowed except my hands
3. The black slapper and, for more serious infractions, the tawses will be used on her bum in addition to my hands

Of course, retiring the slapper from discipline or maintenance of my bum does not stop her from the light slaps that she uses on my balls – well I wouldn’t want anything harsher there would I?

The choice shouldn’t be too difficult to make. However, if the black slapper is retired from active duty providing convenient and quick spanking of my bum what should be the replacement? One implement in particular springs to mind, another would be a worthy standin. Do you think you can select them from this list?

C has to make public her choice (i.e. put a comment up here or devote an post on the subject) AND have the replacement implement picked in order to satisfy my deadline of midnight tonight, otherwise its going to red in the morning.

I will permit her one last outing of the black slapper and that is a retirement spanking. There’s conditions on this usage too. 1 – C has to make it known to me that she intends to use it at the retirement spanking, and 2 – a spanking of equal strokes with the replacement implement has to follow. In other words an out with the old, in with the new statement. Maybe this way she will see how ineffective this toy is compared to our professional instruments of discipline.

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