At Last

It’s been a while again. Life just seems so busy and hectic and it’s difficult to get some time to put my thoughts together, let alone put them into a coherent post.

However I find a spare 15 mins today as I wait at yet another airport to get my writing head on.

Spankings at The Disciplined Boyfriend / Lady C mansion have been few and far between mainly due to two factors: family staying over and working away.  

There has been a few, and only last night Lady C used “her favourite” to sting my ass. With not getting so frequent spanking my ass cheeks are more tender and less able to accept the nasty strap that she likes do much. After four I was really wanting it to stop but she insisted that I was getting a few more. Good job she was in a good mood and not intent on delivering a punishment.

We’ve also got a new footstool that caught our eye for the sole reason that it looks like a mini vaulting horse and will be almost perfect for laying over to get that ass in the air.

We’ve only quickly tried out out and had to keep the noise at a minimum, but Lady C did like the positioning. She also likes that she can sit on it and put me across her knees.

It has been mentioned that it will be used again very soon, except this time it’ll be a bit different as the guest in the adjacent bedroom has kindly moved to one at the opposite end of the house.

Until the next quiet moment, happy spankings,


Things I Like To Hear

There’s some things as a spanko I just love to hear.   Depending on your status you probably say them too or have heard them.   Generally outwith a spanking scenario they set my pulse racing and send kindle some excitment in my loins.

Probably my favourite is “Just wait ’till I get you home” with “You’re going to suffer for that”.  Others include “I’m going to warm your ass”, “You won’t be able to sit down for a week”, “Go fetch my strap”, “Get your naked ass onto the bed and in the air”, “Higher, nice and taut for the strap”, “You’re really going to get it now”, “I’ve just started, there’s plenty more where that came from”, “Your ass is nice and red”, “All  nice and toasty” and “That’s going to welt”.

For me, they’re all part of the discipline process, without them wouldn’t be the same.   What’s you favourite?


Look What’s Waiting

Sometimes when I walk through the door I want to see a strap or tawse lying on the table.  It’s like a statement that simply says your ass is going to get spanked soon.  Maybe even a couple of times.

Or imagine a strap laid out in every room you go into?  That can only mean a lot of spankings.

And then once the strap starts warming up to the task in hand, its not such a good thing.

Wonder what’ll happen the next time I walk through the door?


A Little Reminder

For a week we had a trial of something slightly different in the DD campaign.  HOH would provide a “reminder” about our tasks and goals for that day.  That reminder took the form of laying across HOH’s knee whilst she nagged and questioned about what we were going to achieve or, in the case of the pub, not going to do.  With a tautly stretched bot and the boudoir paddle applied in time to the nagging it got the message across and overall was a success.

We been talking about this again this week and how its so much better than maintenance. Actually I think its maintenance albiet under a different name.   The idea behind it is that it is preventative and helps to achieve the goals by encouragement before failing.  It works for both of us as it helps us remember every day what our goals are. Lady C is also thinking about ceasing maintenance in favour of daily reminders.

Last night we had another reminder session.   HOH also wanted me to choose the implement – “not for me to choose My Darling HOH, but it has to be a nagging implement”.   She flirted with some of the nasty ones, but ended up with the red heart shaped paddle and got off very lightly with a massage more than a spanking.   Compare that to six with her HOH strap.

Question is should HOH use her strap for daily reminders or continue with a lessor implement like the Boudoir Paddle or should it be on a day by day basis?

Unfortunately we overdid it a bit last night and managed to conviently forget our goals and targets for the day.  But it was a special occasion and HOH did state that she was being kind.  I’m sure that mistake will not be made again.


What’s Your Nemesis?

We’ve been watching Star Trek movies recently and the final one in the set is Nemesis.  Not one of my favourites as I’m an old fashioned original Trekkie, but none-the-less it has to be watched.

So that got me thinking we should have a Nemesis themed evening.   I can think of a few Nemeses, most of them are made of leather and live at Lady C’s side of the bedroom 😦   I also know for certain that every single one of our implements will be Lady C’s as well as both my hands.

I had a quick look at the dictionary and found several definitions that are interesting from the DD perspective: The Greek goddess of retributive justice; One that inflicts retribution or vengeance.

Homework is now complete and I’m now able to say that Lady C is my Nemesis, and that the following implements are Nemeses: HOH Strap, Auntie Strap, Dominator Strap.   I’ve got a couple of suggestions for Lady C’s Nemeses but I’m going to discuss them with her.

What’s your Nemesis?


HOH Hidden Straps

In this post I mentioned that it would be interesting if there was a strap or implement in every room.  Well this weekend HOH has placed a spanking implement in every room in the house.  These will be used instantly for absolutely anything that displeases HOH.

As soon as I got home from work last night, HOH dragged me to the family bathroom to point out that I hadn’t quite reached her standards with regard to towels.  Almost immediately afterwards I discovered this is the hiding place of the small red heart shaped paddle.

There is a two tailed tawse hanging in the kitchen along with the rest of the cooking utensils – not been used yet.  The humbler is in the lounge and was in action for half an hour last night as Lady C took exception to some comments that I made.  Seemingly there’s other implements hidden in the room judging as HOH threatened to put one of them across my ass whilst humbled.

The only other impement that’s been located is HOH’s strap.  This was in the bedroom and was used when Lady C noted that I grudged taking her a coffee in bed this morning.  Update – the Glasgow Strap has now been put to use as HOH spotted me writing this post and determined that it mentioned her and I didn’t ask specific permission to publish it.

I wonder if any of these implements would have been used if they were still stuck in their toybox?  Probably not.

So why are we doing this?   I think it means that HOH feels much more like a HOH and keeps on top of the discipline elements.  And when she does that then it means that I get that constant reminder who’s in charge.  Apart from that its always fun when Lady C goes all dominant 🙂


Spot The Strap

A couple of months ago I placed one of C’s straps out in our shed just in case there was a spanking emergency. C couldn’t spot it, can you?  I think it needs to be moved before the damp weather makes it heavier and nastier.

I actually like the idea of having various straps around the house so that C can sort out any discipline in an instant.  A nowhere to hide from DD type arrangement. Perhaps we’ll try that for a week.

We will, of course, need to remember to return them all to the central strap repository when we expect friends or family around.


Get Over It

The last couple of weekends we’ve been having some play – C plays the extra strict picky dominant one and I do the other bit.   When I mean picky, I mean really picky.  For example are the knives and forks put on the table the way that C likes them; are the salt and pepper in a straight line; was the wine poured neatly.

Last weekend, I had to address C as My Lady, this weekend she decided that Mistress was to be her preferred form of address.   I get my full first name.  In company C is known as the quite vanilla My Darling (HOH).   There are, of course, lots of spankings.  Some just because C wants to, others for not quite meeting C’s standards.

Yesterday, I managed to accumulate a spanking in the time it took to pickup C from her work and return home – namely not shaving for her.  Once back in the house she inspected the bathroom with I had cleaned – not good enough she says.  By the time we got to the bus stop on the way to the pub I managed to get another for telling C (or Mistress) to “get over it”.   She really doesn’t like me using that phrase and visibily bristles.

Once home after a quick couple of drinks I start getting the spankings.   The first one using her new strap on my hands and knees on the floor with Mistress straddling me as she straps down my cheeks – ouch.   Just before dinner is served she invites me to lie over the table whilst she straps me with the Glasgow strap – not the best performance as there’s not enough room so I think I got off lightly.   Last one was when we retired to bed lying flat on my tummy as she strapped with the new strap again, again a bit easier on my ass when its not stretched.

She’s already promised me another spanking tonight after she gets home again 😦   Can’t imagine what that would be for.

These weekends of kinky strict fun are a good way of playing out a complete BDSM relationship whilst still doing the same things we would normally do.   I can’t ever see us doing it 24×7 and the complete attention to detail is a bit OTT.  I do like the aspect of the instant punishments/spankings even though they hurt at the time and I think we should extend these more into our DD relationship.   Even if we only make one rule or goal for a week, we should agree to it and comply with it and spankings when we don’t.  That would be my preferred DD – a immediate punishments when they are earned, no need to keep records or reminders and some sensible rules or plans to help up acheive our goals.

Time for discussion with Mistress while we create some sensible goals and plans.

Get Your Ass Upstairs

That’s what Lady C demanded of me last night when I got home from yet another business trip.

She started with 6 strokes with her bitch strap for the missed maintenance before picking up a tawse. Maintenance felt a bit harder than usual as she was a bit annoyed with me.

The tawse confirmed this when she just kept giving more and more strokes nagging as she went.

Eventually she stopped. Ouch these were definitely not fun strokes, they were meant to hurt and some have left marks where the tails lashed into my sensitive cheeks.

Meet The New Addition

Lady C has a new implement in her collection.    I got it for her as a birthday gift.   Its very similiar to her favourite HOH Strap, but with one major difference – instead of a cold heartless black rubber it is a nice warm tan leather.

I don’t have any pictures of yet, infact I’ve not handled it in any way so far and only seen it from a distance.   I have only felt it across my bum.    That’s kind of the way I want it to stay.   It’s Lady C’s strap and its only purpose is to punish my bum.

Lady C liked it on its initial outing.   It makes a nice red colour she said.   And that what I thought from my side too.   It thumps down like the HOH Strap, but gives a lot of sting and heat whereas the HOH Strap is almost more numbing.

I think it needs a nickname – we can’t call it the new strap or the leather HOH Strap.    Last week it was the birthday basher but that can’t last.   We’re open to suggestions, but it now gives more meaning when it is mentioned that my bum is going to get tanned.

Not quite had the full details from Lady C as to her thoughts about and where it will feature in the discipline and maintenance procedures, nor had a chance to fully experience it on a fresh bottom without a recent punishment.   That time will come soon enough.