A Christmas Gift For Mistress

In addition to the vanilla gifts, Lady C was given a spanking gift. Of all the gifts I purchased for her, this one was the first to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

It was interesing that it was the first gift that she requested demanded on Christmas morning.  It didn’t take her long to remove it from the packing and was quite delighted when she found it was a dragon cane with a lovely soft, purple lambskin handle.  A couple of test swishes later confirmed that she was pleased with it.

It took until the following day until Lady C used it on me and even then it was five light strokes.  She needs practice she tells me, and I imagine its going to be real practice on my ass and not the cushions that she means.

Anyway hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got presents that you like too.


Black Leather Slapper Retirement

No more black leather slapper. Honestly, it was a toy from a sex boutique and was never designed to properly spank a bare bottom.
I mentioned in my last post here that I thought it was unsuitable and wanted C to confirm this. She hasn’t done anything about so therefore I need to take the initiative and make sure something is done about it.

By midnight tonight C has to make a decision on the black slapper, failure to make a decision means that she will get two slapper strokes tomorrow morning or a single tawse stroke. I really want HOH to be decisive!

C’s choices will be the following:

1. Don’t really make a choice and get 6 strokes from the black slapper every time it is used on my bum
2. Demand that the black slapper is to be used exclusively on her bum and no other implement is allowed except my hands
3. The black slapper and, for more serious infractions, the tawses will be used on her bum in addition to my hands

Of course, retiring the slapper from discipline or maintenance of my bum does not stop her from the light slaps that she uses on my balls – well I wouldn’t want anything harsher there would I?

The choice shouldn’t be too difficult to make. However, if the black slapper is retired from active duty providing convenient and quick spanking of my bum what should be the replacement? One implement in particular springs to mind, another would be a worthy standin. Do you think you can select them from this list?

C has to make public her choice (i.e. put a comment up here or devote an post on the subject) AND have the replacement implement picked in order to satisfy my deadline of midnight tonight, otherwise its going to red in the morning.

I will permit her one last outing of the black slapper and that is a retirement spanking. There’s conditions on this usage too. 1 – C has to make it known to me that she intends to use it at the retirement spanking, and 2 – a spanking of equal strokes with the replacement implement has to follow. In other words an out with the old, in with the new statement. Maybe this way she will see how ineffective this toy is compared to our professional instruments of discipline.

Self Spanking

Spanking yourself – have you done it?   I mentioned it in a previous post and in the poll about self spanking. Continue reading

6 Month Ass-essment

I’ve got a bit of free time on my hands today and thought since its the 1st day of the 2nd half of the year to have the Disciplined Boyfriend Blog 6 month assessment.   Continue reading

Target Practice

C has decided that she is now nearly competant with the 2M tawse and is going to move up to some harsher implements.  To this end she announced that she needed some target pratice and that my bum was going to be the target. Continue reading

Effective Spanking Implements

We have a reasonable collection of spanking implements – I think they’re reasonable, but then I don’t know anyone that I can compare with.   The implement collection used to be called the spanky toys, but now most of our implements are purpose built instruments for punishing bare bottoms.

The main implements in the collection are:

  • Mistress Strap
  • Dominator Strap
  • Glasgow Strap
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (M)
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • 3 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • OTK Dragon Cane
  • Dragon Cane
  • Black Leather Slapper
  • Loopy Johnny
  • Riding Crop

I’ve listed them here in no particular order, just how I remembered and thought of them, however I’m going to put labels on them and categorise them. Continue reading

To Spank or Not to Spank

I have been trying to determine if it is ok to spank for non-completion of weekly tasks, when very valid reasons are present! A has not been able to do his appointed tasks this week, and my reasonable head says ‘ Don’t spank!’  My diciplinarian head says ‘ Spank Harder! ‘

After much deliberation, well, some deliberation, I have decided to spank A anyway. This is not out of a desire to be evil or to cause unnecessary pain, but to reinforce the contract. We decided this was the best way for us, A in particular, to get our lives back to some semblance of order. If he slips, then I put him back on track! This week has been unusual and through no fault of our own we have been thrown into chaos!

I have the power to remind A of where we should be and for him to feel that I have his best interests at heart, I shall not let up in delivering the discipline! I spank with love, NOT malice and he will always be sure of that fact. The spankings are never delivered with emotion, but with the goals we have, firmly in mind.

His next spanking will be long and hard enough to leave him wriggling and begging me to stop! Not, I hasten to add, for malice, but because he never has had to beg for me to stop. The short Dragon Cane will be used as he stated its effect when applied in rapid strokes. Last time I stopped too early, a mistake I will not repeat.

I will post the pic of A’s reddened bot alongside the cane when the deed is done!

Happy spanking and blissfull domesticity!