Devotional Domestic Discipline

We had planned to have a couple of days when all we did was Domestic Discipline.  Devotion of HOH and her favourite strap and get aquainted with them both again, whilst having a bit of fun into the bargain.   We had planned this as a springboard to get us back onto the DD lifestyle after circumstances prevented us from our chosen lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to others demands on us again, we had to bring it all to a premature end.   Now, over a week later we are free again 🙂

What was DDD anyway?    I dreamt this concept up over a few nights whilst away.   It was about treating HOH as a godess, making her feel special and basically giving her (and her strap) respect. The question that HOH should ask continuously is “prove to me how much you want me to be HOH”

What did we do?   Not a lot as it all got stopped early.   HOH after some quick homecoming kisses and cuddles, took the time to remind me what her strap felt like again.   I kissed HOH Strap after it heated my backside and HOH’s hand too as the hand that wielded it.   HOH Strap got to come everywhere with us, in HOH’s handbag to the pub and in my rusksack to my work – it was treated like one of the family.    The plan was that if HOH had her strap with her or was on show whilst in the house, having dinner etc. then she would remember to use it more.

But we got stopped early – it really was a bit annoying.

Now as the weekend approaches we can continue our restart. HOH will feel like she has more respect, greater control and lots of opportunities to use HOH Strap. “But I don’t need to use the strap on you all the time, I can lock you up too”. ” Yes Darling HOH, you can. Would that demonstrate devotion? “. ” Yes”, “Then please lock me up, My Darling HOH”.

As I having a soak in the bath, she remarked that a spanking on a wet bum would hurt more. ” Yes, you’re correct. Please spank me on my wet bum as a show of devotion “, and off she went to get HOH Strap and deliver a quick strapping on my wet bum.

I think HOH is going to have a lot of fun at my expense in the next few days and as this will be my first weekend at home on a weekend with a chance to do some chores and repairs then it’s also going to be a busy time. I’m open to suggestions regarding things that will be perceived as devotional, so feel free to comment or send us emails. I really need to get HOH’s email address on the site too, with her permission of course, so that you can be sneaky and have her spring surprises upon me 😀