In celebration of our new FLR lifestyle, we’re having a FLR day.

We’ll go over how well we’ve done in the last few days and what parts we need to work on.  I have nice request for Lady C to wear her thigh length boots, basque/corset and wave a riding crop menacingly.   My penis is really securely locked in our new chastity device – the Watchful Mistress.

We’ll have some fun, some champagne and see if we can keep a smile on Mistress’s face all day 😉


Holiday Fun

It’s that time of year again to enjoy our annual holiday together.  I do like not having to do the same old dull schedule and instead get to do new, fun and exciting things in strange, unexplored locations.
I always feel that it gives us a new dimension to be a bit more risque. What better than the anonymity of a hotel room for a spanking knowing that someone might be listening at the door, or discussing the merits of male chastity at the bar or poolside?
I’m not quite ready in the vanilla world to go blatantly displaying my striped ass or naked in the sauna wearing only a Dicktator and a smile, but I do look forward to being able to crank it up a bit.


Seven Deadly Sins – Day 1 – Lust

After a long while working away I’ve returned and to celebrate Lady C has prepared seven days of fun which she has titled The Seven Deadly Sins v The Seven Virtues.   Read all about them here The idea is that each day we have one sin and one virtue with Lady C getting the fun bits and me getting the nastier ones.

Last night we started with Lust and Chastity.   Lady C obviously gave hersef a Lust activity and I got the chastity.   The chasity part means that I was locked in one of our chastity devices – the CB6000s to be exact.   Lust was Lady C to lustfully paddle my ass.  The choice of paddle was selected at random by a spin and the homemade wooden paddle was the selection.

That put a grin on Lady C’s face – this is realy going to hurt she smirked.

She started off briskly paddling my ass in the hands and knees position and it wasn’t long before I wriggled my ass out of the firing line.  At this point we stopped and cuddled for a while before she asked if I though, truthfully, if I’d been paddled lustfully.  Unfortunately I had to say that I didn’t consider it to be a lustful paddling.  She agreed and we spent several minutes thinking of a position to paddle me in.

Eventually I suggested that I bend over the bed and that Lady C sits astride me on the lower back.  We’ve tried this position before and it has many benefits for the spanker.   Namely there is unrestricted access to the ass for spanking down the cheeks and its impossible to avoid the spanks.   It is possible to wriggle and Lady C really likes it when she gets me wriggling, however I cannot wriggle out of the way of the spanks.

We chose a safe phrase for me to utter when I’d had enough – “Lady C is all powerfull” or something to that effect.  Normally we don’t have a safe word as my ass gets punished until Lady C is satisfied.   She started with the paddle again and briskly delivered swats to my cheeks covering all my ass.   Again it didn’t take long before I was wriggling like crazy and wanting it to stop.   I managed to get through some more before I choked out that Lady C is all powerful and she stopped.

Wow, she said, look at the state of your ass.   It was very hot and I could feel the glow for the rest of the night in a pub and restaurant.  Even this morning there was a residual glow.  We were going to have a follow up spanking when we got back home, but we managed to get too drunk and feel asleep – not very rock and roll is it?

Today is Gluttony and Temperance and I’ll write about them later.

Normal Maintenance

After yesterday’s extra strength maintenance it was back to normal this morning for the last but one mainenance session catchup.

The combination of maintenance in the morning along with the daily fitting of a Dicktator is good combination and sets me up for a full day of working around the house and sorting things out.   Dicktator is always a gentle reminder of HOH’s power and control and feeling the fading tingle and heat from her strap makes for a contented Disciplined Boyfriend.

I’m thinking that HOH and I need to discuss further about doing more of this when she is working and I’m off – most weekends.   A quick maintenance strapping in the morning and a day spent in Dicktator waiting for my beloved HOH to rush home.   Its not hard to implement or endure and the end results can only be good for the house, us and the DD lifestyle.


Birthday Celebrations

In honour of my most cherished HOH we are now having a week of birthday celebrations.  Well not quite a week, just Mon-Fri.    Its not that it is one of those special birthdays, just the fact that I’ve got holidays this week and have more time to relax, plan and blog.

The daily celebrations start with the fitting of the Dicktator of the day, and then a dose of maintenance.  HOH has the option to add additional strokes.    There is also a list of tasks for the HOH Board and some treats for C.

Daily Dicktation is something that we’ve done only once or twice.   Quite often especially on a day off when C is working I get quite horny and have an over powering desire to have a play.   Having a chastity device on whilst C is working means that that horniness is harnessed and is available to C to enjoy when she gets home.   Its not 24×7 chastity but it does add an extra dimension to the situation.

Maintenance has been a bit behind for the last 3 or 4 months and we’ve never caught up properly.    By my counting performing maintenance every day this week will allow us to fully catch up and that includes this weeks maintenance.

The last few months have been extremely hectic, both with family life and work life.  We have very little quality time together and the house is looking neglected.    Hence the HOH Board.  I brain stormed yesterday for things that needed to be done and stopped when I had thirty items.  Getting some of these done will be nice for C, and overall might actually give us some inspiration to do more.

The final part of C’s week of treats is the birthday spanking.   She was a bit confused until I pointed out to her that it would be my bum getting the birthday swats.   That definately put a smile on her face.

As for the other treats, well so far they’ve definately put a smile on her face too 😉


HOH was having a bit of a rant today.   Seemingly she’s the only one that tidies up around here.   Wether she does or not is not up for discussion here.   “Are you displeased, My Darling (HOH)?”

“Yes, I am”, and started off again.   Anyway, I suggested that she meets with a suitable bottom warming implement in one of our outbuildings or cause some discomfort to my balls.

She decided on the latter specifically choosing to have my balls squished in a contraption made of two pieces of perspex with screws and wingnuts.   I don’t know the correct name for this thing, but it can be screwed very tight.

It wasn’t too tight this time and C didn’t even notice that I wasn’t squirming too much.    She did decide after 40 minutes or so that there would be an additional forfeit to help me remember to help her around the house.  This would take the form of the Dicktator.   After a bit of a struggle she managed, with a lot of help from me, to get it on and locked.

I’m thinking this was possibly the lightest punishment she could have issued.   A couple of swift slaps, light punches or kicks are far harder to take and getting back into position for the next blow is always difficult.   A strapping in one of our outbuildings would have been particularly punishing as the temperature has been down around freezing for the last couple of days and baring my bum for C to strap would be particularly sore helping C get her point over.  Think the thing that got me off the hook there was that it was cold out and we were nice and cozy in the house.

What would I rather have had?

The ball squishing in any form is not particuarly painful to endure and C is somewhat reluctant to put too much pressure on the family jewels.   That and Dicktation always seem to be a bit more of kinky sex than punishment.

A strapping, either on bum or hands, always feels more like a proper punishment. There’s ritual and just having a punishment implement out adds to the occasion.  Then there’s the strokes, that uncertainty before the first one lands and then the heat and sting.

After it, you feel punished and that justice has been served.  And that, for me, is the closure of the issue or absolution.    I don’t like when C is upset or hurt and I always feel that I deserve a harsher punishment than she gives.   Of course at the moment of impact I may change my mind.


No More Dicktator

No more Dicktator.    Well from these pages anyway.  I’ve decided to separate the Domestic Discipline and Spanking from the Chastity/Dicktator.    The new pages are at Dicktated Diary

Updates on My Dicktator

I’ve made some tweaks to my Chastity Device or as we call it here, Dicktator.   It now feels more comfortable, whilst more restricting and at the same time is performing better.   What did I do?

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Punishment Part 2 – Go Fetch The Tawse

“Go and fetch the tawse”, HOH commanded. Now give it to me.

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