6 Month Ass-essment

I’ve got a bit of free time on my hands today and thought since its the 1st day of the 2nd half of the year to have the Disciplined Boyfriend Blog 6 month assessment.   Continue reading

C’s Hot Bot

As C mentioned here she got her botty spanked – I got mine spanked too, but this post is about her spanking.  I’ll post about my spanking later.

It’s really been a while since C was last spanked and well overdue.  Main reasons were that she has been negligent in her role as HOH, letting standards slip, not administering maintenance spankings and letting down the good people in blogland by not visiting or posting here.

As soon as I told her she was getting a spanking she tried to wriggle out of it, first by saying that I couldn’t, then by saying its only to be light spanks, then saying that its to be no implements.  She really needs to have a good read of our contract as it allows me to use the black leather slapper 🙂

The bench board was already out as I had just recently vacated it from my encounter with C’s implements so its seemed a good place to deliver the spanking.  C lay over and thought she could kinda keep herself up by leaning on her elbows.  Mistake, I sat astride her effectively pinning her over the bench which gives an excellent target on which to practice my craft upon.

I started with a volley of fast spankings using both hands on her virgin white cheeks.  They really weren’t hard and didn’t last long but got a nice reaction none the less.  I then got off and stood behind and gave 3 or 4 hearty slaps which caused her to swirm a bit too.  Time for the slapper.

I proceeded to nag her about her behaviour and extracted promises about future behaviour as HOH as I spanked with the slapper.  How long is this contract for she asks? She admitted about slacking in the HOH role and missing opportunities for maintenance spankings.   In total there were no more than 6 strokes administered with the black leather slapper.

I really think she got off very lightly for what is such an important part of our domestic discipline program and is the key to making it work.  Next time I will not be so forgiving.   I took a couple of  photos but there is no evidence of a spanking.  All the more reasons for making it harder and longer next time.  She has been warned.


Five Year Domestic Discipline Contract

We had a bit of a review tonight (in the pub) and we’re looking continuing our Domestic Discipline Contract for the next five years.  I’ve been busy revising our contract. It’ll be posted here as soon as we agree on the revised clauses – actually I’ll create a page for it.

Update 2 Dec.  New page created with the updated contract.  The latest changes are that C is now the Head of the Household, but subject to some discipline as well.  OK it is one of the smallest, lightest implements that we have.  Suppose I’ll need to update the implements pages too.

Other minor changes were to take away any Mistress/Slave thing that was going on.  We’re going to leave that for our own fantasy and fun lives.  This one is for our real lives.


First Rule Violation

Monday was Lady C’s day off and would be making the evening meal for us.  She warned me that it would be ready by 1800 and not to be late.  I managed to get so engrossed with my work that I lost track of time and was still in the office at 1820.  To late, Lady C determined that for every 30 minutes that I was late I would get 3 strokes.  Luckily I managed to race home before earning a second batch. Continue reading