I have fantasies, lots of them.   In them the scenarious are quite varied and the main characters in them are women.  Some involve having one or more women spanking me, or watching me get a spanking or some or dominant role either singly or encouraging Lady C.  There’re other submissive ones involving women pointing and laughing, or just curious about seeing my penis safely locked away in a chastity cage.  The key thing here is that they are all women based fantasies.  No big surprise here as that is my normal sexual orientation.

In the past Lady C has revealed some of her fantasies, and guess what?   Yes, her’s involve men, however not quite in the way you may initially suspect.   In her fantasy she has another couple, and wants to see me wank and suck cock, even take the full load of semen in my mouth.   Its not a sub/dom type thing, I get exactly the same.  She’s intrigued to see if a man can do it better than a woman and if I would be able to tell the difference.   Of course like all fantasies there are a few blurred moments and how would she be able to watch the boys action when the girls would be at either?

I must admit the first time she told me about this I was mildly curious.  We men do get quick looks at each other’s penises in toilet and sports changing rooms, but not to the extent of getting up close and exploring another cock.  I’m way more familiar with the naked female body than another mans and I do like the feel of boobs pressing against my back or having her rub her crotch against my body I have never experienced a hard cock press against my back, face or any other part of my body.

We decided to explore these thoughts again recently and it didn’t take long before Lady C had the strap-on on and was trying to get Lusty Leo or Roger Ramrod, or whatever its called, balls deep in my mouth.   “Take it all”, she encourages.   Possibly one of the most dominant/submissive things we’ve done.  Me on my hands and knees with my cock caged, sucking until my jaws hurt on cock with my dominant wife looking down on me with a superior smile.

I asked her what happened at this point in her fantasy, did one of the women get a strap-on and take me in the ass.  “Nope”, she says, “remember the girls are busy playing with each other”.

“But that would be super subby, wouldn’t it, seeing me with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass being spit roasted?”, I asked, “Especially when caged”.   Remember being caged in the company of others is one of my things.#

Next thing my back was arched and my ass lubed up and Lady C was pressing the fallus against my bum hole and starting to thrust her hips.  This time I’ve got another dildo in my hands and sucking on it for all my worth.  Wow, how powerfull.  OK, this dildo is actually a model of my own cock with the “clone-a-willy” kit.   We played like this for a bit with Lady C telling me how much I like cock and I’m a complete slutty subby and this is the only hard cock I’m going to have as I’m still caged.

After a bit we changed positions so I was on my back on the side of the sofa with my legs lifted up out the way and Lady C was back between my legs nudging 5″ of latex cock up my ass again.   Difference with this position is that we are now face to face and can see each other’s expressions.   She has the view of hard cock in my ass, small caged cock and hard cock in my mouth.

We stopped after a bit and Lady C had obviously enjoyed herself thoroughly as she was very wet and demanding my tongue between her legs.   With that duty taken care of we chatted about it afterwards.  For chat, think more interrogation as my arms were restrained and the cock-shock fitted.   Wrong or unacceptable answers = zap.   First question was “How did you like that?”.   My answer was a bit long winded discussing the dominant / submissive elements of it and my body reaction was to dribble pre-cum despite being caged.   I got zapped as all she wanted to here was a yes or no answer.  “Guess that’s a yes then”.

“Will we ever be able to fufill this in real life?”    We’re both quite private with our sex lives and there’s no way we could do this locally.  The other couple in the fantasty are faceless there were no other significant features, although typing this up now I can think up my perfect woman with boobs, legs, cute ass, face and hair.   So, unless we end up on some faraway beach holiday and find a like minded couple in the hot tub this is going to remain a fantasy for us, athough I think Lady C’s strap-on will be a more regular thing in the future.    After it all I was so horny and desperate to have an orgasm that I negotiated a hard caning and further chastity to get my face splattered with my own cum.


In celebration of our new FLR lifestyle, we’re having a FLR day.

We’ll go over how well we’ve done in the last few days and what parts we need to work on.  I have nice request for Lady C to wear her thigh length boots, basque/corset and wave a riding crop menacingly.   My penis is really securely locked in our new chastity device – the Watchful Mistress.

We’ll have some fun, some champagne and see if we can keep a smile on Mistress’s face all day 😉


His and Hers

I’ve made a few of these drip mats, these ones are currently on our dining room table.  And yes, that’s exactly what occurs.

His and Hers

Normal Maintenance

After yesterday’s extra strength maintenance it was back to normal this morning for the last but one mainenance session catchup.

The combination of maintenance in the morning along with the daily fitting of a Dicktator is good combination and sets me up for a full day of working around the house and sorting things out.   Dicktator is always a gentle reminder of HOH’s power and control and feeling the fading tingle and heat from her strap makes for a contented Disciplined Boyfriend.

I’m thinking that HOH and I need to discuss further about doing more of this when she is working and I’m off – most weekends.   A quick maintenance strapping in the morning and a day spent in Dicktator waiting for my beloved HOH to rush home.   Its not hard to implement or endure and the end results can only be good for the house, us and the DD lifestyle.


Birthday Celebrations

In honour of my most cherished HOH we are now having a week of birthday celebrations.  Well not quite a week, just Mon-Fri.    Its not that it is one of those special birthdays, just the fact that I’ve got holidays this week and have more time to relax, plan and blog.

The daily celebrations start with the fitting of the Dicktator of the day, and then a dose of maintenance.  HOH has the option to add additional strokes.    There is also a list of tasks for the HOH Board and some treats for C.

Daily Dicktation is something that we’ve done only once or twice.   Quite often especially on a day off when C is working I get quite horny and have an over powering desire to have a play.   Having a chastity device on whilst C is working means that that horniness is harnessed and is available to C to enjoy when she gets home.   Its not 24×7 chastity but it does add an extra dimension to the situation.

Maintenance has been a bit behind for the last 3 or 4 months and we’ve never caught up properly.    By my counting performing maintenance every day this week will allow us to fully catch up and that includes this weeks maintenance.

The last few months have been extremely hectic, both with family life and work life.  We have very little quality time together and the house is looking neglected.    Hence the HOH Board.  I brain stormed yesterday for things that needed to be done and stopped when I had thirty items.  Getting some of these done will be nice for C, and overall might actually give us some inspiration to do more.

The final part of C’s week of treats is the birthday spanking.   She was a bit confused until I pointed out to her that it would be my bum getting the birthday swats.   That definately put a smile on her face.

As for the other treats, well so far they’ve definately put a smile on her face too 😉

Devotional Domestic Discipline

We had planned to have a couple of days when all we did was Domestic Discipline.  Devotion of HOH and her favourite strap and get aquainted with them both again, whilst having a bit of fun into the bargain.   We had planned this as a springboard to get us back onto the DD lifestyle after circumstances prevented us from our chosen lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to others demands on us again, we had to bring it all to a premature end.   Now, over a week later we are free again 🙂

What was DDD anyway?    I dreamt this concept up over a few nights whilst away.   It was about treating HOH as a godess, making her feel special and basically giving her (and her strap) respect. The question that HOH should ask continuously is “prove to me how much you want me to be HOH”

What did we do?   Not a lot as it all got stopped early.   HOH after some quick homecoming kisses and cuddles, took the time to remind me what her strap felt like again.   I kissed HOH Strap after it heated my backside and HOH’s hand too as the hand that wielded it.   HOH Strap got to come everywhere with us, in HOH’s handbag to the pub and in my rusksack to my work – it was treated like one of the family.    The plan was that if HOH had her strap with her or was on show whilst in the house, having dinner etc. then she would remember to use it more.

But we got stopped early – it really was a bit annoying.

Now as the weekend approaches we can continue our restart. HOH will feel like she has more respect, greater control and lots of opportunities to use HOH Strap. “But I don’t need to use the strap on you all the time, I can lock you up too”. ” Yes Darling HOH, you can. Would that demonstrate devotion? “. ” Yes”, “Then please lock me up, My Darling HOH”.

As I having a soak in the bath, she remarked that a spanking on a wet bum would hurt more. ” Yes, you’re correct. Please spank me on my wet bum as a show of devotion “, and off she went to get HOH Strap and deliver a quick strapping on my wet bum.

I think HOH is going to have a lot of fun at my expense in the next few days and as this will be my first weekend at home on a weekend with a chance to do some chores and repairs then it’s also going to be a busy time. I’m open to suggestions regarding things that will be perceived as devotional, so feel free to comment or send us emails. I really need to get HOH’s email address on the site too, with her permission of course, so that you can be sneaky and have her spring surprises upon me 😀

Do I Need A New Dicktator?

We currently have two chastity devices, a CB6000 and a Birdlocked Neo – OK they’re actually mine.   Without repeating myself, this page describes the relative merits of each.  Do I need another?
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Festive Spanking

It’s that time of year when the world goes crazy doing all sorts of random things and pretending its all part of Christmas.   Why shouldn’t the spanking and DD world get a share of the fun too? Continue reading

A Year of Domestic Discipline

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our domestic discipline agreement. As it customary with other anniversaries we thought we would do something to recognise the acheivement.

After getting dresed in suitable attire – a lovely green basque, matching knickers and a heels for C, naked except for a humbler for me – we got down to the business in hand.  First on the agenda was the renaming of the Mistress Strap – aka Bitch Strap – to become the HOH Strap.   To be used only by C at any time for maintenance and discipline.  I can no longer touch it except when explicitly commanded by C to fetch or put away.  The strap formally known as the Mistress Strap has been C’s favourite over the last year.  She finds it very easy to use and is always pleased with the results it produces in reddening by bum so it was appropriate that it was recognised.  C stated that she will continue the use the HOH Strap with as much, possibly more enthusiasm in the coming year.

Presentation ceremony of the HOH Strap over it was time for the special Annual Maintenance Spanking. We had decided that there wasn’t to be any maintenance or discipline at this ceremony, but after the results of the poll here it was obvious that our readers expected one.  The annual maintenance was in two parts.  A single stroke as hard as C could deliver was to represent the ending of the previous year with all crimes and misdemeanors having been addressed and completed.  Another single stroke even harder was to mark the start of the coming year and the to symbolise that the domestic discipline regime would continue but with stricter rules and harder punishments.  C delivered the first stroke but due to the position couldn’t get a really good swing.  The next year’s stroke didn’t connect too good either as landed a bit low catching the top of my legs – ouch.

In between strokes C applied some wax to my bum.  This was something that she’s wanted to do ever since the first days of our relationship.  She was a bit disappointed that the wax being ripped off didn’t reduce me to a blubbering wreck.  On the other hand she is pleased by the smooth lines of my rear end.  My bum is now clean and free of hair and prepared to receive punishments in the coming year.

We had some dinner accompanied by wine before retiring to the bedroom.  I then lay across C’s lap and we practiced some vows before C gave me a nice hand spanking.  We then ended the evening with some love making before heading off to the pub and complete the celebrations.  We did drink more that we intended and have possibly broken our rules on the first day of year two.  It was a special occasion and hopefully C will recognise the fact and I’ll escape a spanking.

Over dinner we had a mini review of the year past.  We could think of lots of good things that our year of domestic discipline has allowed, but we could come up with a single bad thing with the exception of my bum getting regularly roasting.  One of our DD goals is our health and in particular drinking less and losing a bit of weight.  It was really good that C managed to fit into one of her basques and looked stunning in it. If there was ever a good reason for continuing with DD then it was seeing C towering over me waring her basque and looking stern.

The last month or so we have been getting better prepared and putting more emphasis on DD within our relationship and we’re wanting to achieve more sooner. C has also recently discovered how quick and effective the alternate punishments like tawsing my hands, spanking my balls and locking me in a chastity tube are. So armed with her HOH Strap, the stricter rules and the recently added consequences it should be an interesting year ahead and most of it will be spent with my bum in the air.

A New HOH and Consequences

Is there a new HOH swinging the straps in the relationship?  No – C is finding a she has a new stronger, stricter self.  Instead of the half-hearted “that’ll be OK”, “we’ll do that later”, “doesn’t matter” the new rules that we’ve published will be the standard against which to judge our performance.

We’re a team here and that doesn’t mean that I have to slave away at them all by myself.  They are carefully selected rules or limits in each of our goals that will make something better in our lifes. The higher we value the goal, the stricter the rules are and the closer scrutiny that C has to review our performance.  The way I see it, I have great organisational skills and are good with craft based, technical, financial and other numerical type tasks.  However, I’m not a good self starter and would take any opportunity to avoid having to do things if I could.  C on the otherhand is a good at getting up and getting started.  Once we are working together harmoniously, then we could build a hollowed out volcano and plan for control of planet earth, or maybe just get some painting done.  I’ve many an old school report that says “A has great potential, but tends not to apply himself”.  I received the tawse on my hands a few times in school for this very thing.  Funny how things go around.  Luckily our modern style teachers do not have to resort to such barbaric behaviour anymore.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, C finds it difficult when it comes to the punishments so we have started to formulate a document with Consequences.  Each goal or rule group has  a particular punishment level assigned to it , some we are going to create finer grained levels for each rules.  The punishment level is a number 1-4 where 1 is almost erotic, 2 is a medium punishment to focus you, 3 is a punishment that’ll you remember for a while and 4 is a punishment that you never want again.

Each of these punishment levels is defined in the list and an example is that any attempt to undermine HOH’s standing, challenges on HOH’s decisions or anything that is a blatant disregard for our DD Framework will be 4 (severe).  One of our other goals is our alcohol, fitness and health goal – these we have recognised as being the most important goal we have that has major knockon effects for everything else we do (or not).  Therefore they are likely to be 4 as well.  Some of the others we haven’t figured out or had time to discuss yet, but most will be 2 or 3.  The various levels have indications that tell HOH when the appropriate level has been reached.

The rational behind this is there is a simple criterion to determine if a rule has been broken.  The consequence figures out the level of punishment.  All HOH has to do is to administer the punishment until the required level has been reached.  That should take help C to detach from the punishment aspect as these have all been defined and agreed and should also help me as its going to be clearer what the consequence of avoiding a particular task will be.  There is a hidden in the small print that if HOH doesn’t attempt to perform the required punishment then she will be punished every evening and morning until a suitable punishment has been delivered.  In other words, punish or be punished.  I think I know which of these C will be going for.

That was one of the things I’ve started to put C more at ease in the HOH role.  Along with the challenges I set her, she is fast becoming a new HOH.  With an initial set of Consequences and Punishment Levels defined I helped her find instances of bad behaviour of the last week or so.  I found 4 things that should be punished – three of these were for PMO (pissing me off).  C left me to analyse them and I my analysis came up with various rule breaches including PMO, challenging HOH’s style and other minor things.  I also included, as it was easy to look at the Consequences, the appropriate punishment level.  There were two level 2+, and two at level 3+.  When C returned I started to go through the first of the misdemeanors with her and with no discussion she agreed straight away that my suggestion would be fulfilled.  She thought it was too harsh, but was going to do it anyway.  The other three we haven’t discussed yet.

So for a ignoring an instruction from HOH and actually doing what she told me not to do and leaving clothes lying around the bedroom I had selected punishment at level 2+.  The first of these probably deserved a 4 on its own, however I suggested  lower punishment.   I’ll leave the details of the crime out, if C wants to add to the punishment by humiliating me by publishing these here then that is her perogative.  However you can probably have a good idea on the content of it by the punishment – A’s wanking hand will be strapped and his cock locked in the Dicktator from when he arrives home on Wednesday until C arrives home on Friday.

I duly arrived home after being away for more than a week before C came home I had to fit Dicktator with the “comfort” ring.  C arrived home a few hours later and after a quick kiss and hugs got down to her HOH business.  She checked that Dicktator was indeed fitted and locked and then got the 2M tawse out and proceeded to strap my hand with it – just the one hand luckily.  The last time she strapped hands it was the lighter 2H tawse for two strokes, but now with more confidence and a stiffer implement she delivered a single stingy stroke to my hand.  I was quite glad that she only gave the one.  A second immediately after that one would be hard to take and a third would probably make my eyes water.

So as I write this I am reminded by a tingle in my right hand of my misdemeanor and that my manhood is available to me and locked up in a perspex prison.   In the past C would have probably given in to my protests and released me by now with a view that justice had been done.  The new stricter C is intending to see the 2 day sentence completed and is even threatening to double it if I don’t shutup about it.    There’s small comfort in all this that C is changing to become the HOH that we need.  One challenge was that when I returned from these business trips that the be all nice to each other honeymoon period that we have for the first 2-3 days should continue, but not at the expense of any outstanding HOH business.

I’m torn between two things: I want C to stick by her decisions and see the punishment meted out in full with any extras that she feels have been earned for complaints etc; the other half of me wanted to get out of the chastity device and make love, especially as C still had demands on me for her pleasure.  Oh how smug she looked with an I’m all powerful look about her and am strong enough not to give in.  Overall, for the benefit of DD and to make C that HOH who has to be obeyed and whose decisions to be respected, she has to be cruel to be kind, otherwise the HOH role and the DD Relationship are all going to be diluted and will not serve us well in the future.  Dicktator is not sore, and not uncomfortable to wear, it’s just a nuisance. Toilet visits have to be seated which adds to the punishment especially when we intended to go to the pub.  We did go to the pub after C had been suitably pleasured and the pint of cold beer was a very welcome relief to my strapped hand.

What have I learned from this experience?  C is becoming that strict HOH and the days when I could manipulate her are quickly disappearing; don’t deliberately break the rules and annoy HOH to try and goad her into playing Mistress; punishment are going to get harder.  Will I do the same again?  Maybe not very soon.  Overall good marks for C for breaking down the barriers that are preventing the DD to continue.


The other three violations are still in C’s “Hit List”.  At present she doesn’t seem to be too bothered about them.  My thoughts are that they should be entered by the HOH, or as directed by HOH.  The same goes for the removal of them, HOH should either mark them as complete or request me to do it.

For all the couples with a female led DD relationship you really need to pester C into blogging about the effectiveness and effects of having your male charge locked up.