Spanking Machine

Its been a concept that I’ve thought of for a number of years now – a machine that can deliver spankings.   It would always deliver the perfect spanking.  Just dial in the strength, duration and speed and strap yourself in and the machine will deliver.  No extra strokes for moving, no getting off lightly if the HOH thinks enough strokes have been administered.  Just a perfect spanking from a machine with no emotions and perfect aim. Continue reading

Self Spanking

Spanking yourself – have you done it?   I mentioned it in a previous post and in the poll about self spanking. Continue reading

Boot Camp – the review

Our boot camp really got off to a bad start. I was nearly late to pickup C from work which is one of her pet hates but she hasn’t read the post as her phone had no battery.
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Boot Camp

We’ve talked about having a HOH respect day. The kind of day when HOH is ultra strict and gets very picky with everything.  We have an opportunity for us to do this this weekend. I shall outline the basic idea over a latte in Starbucks before collecting C when she finishes her work in about half an hour.
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Scientific Spankings

After a prolonged spanking that C administered, all in the interests of science as described here, I was pondering over the relative methods of spankings. Continue reading

Effective Spanking Implements

We have a reasonable collection of spanking implements – I think they’re reasonable, but then I don’t know anyone that I can compare with.   The implement collection used to be called the spanky toys, but now most of our implements are purpose built instruments for punishing bare bottoms.

The main implements in the collection are:

  • Mistress Strap
  • Dominator Strap
  • Glasgow Strap
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (M)
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • 3 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • OTK Dragon Cane
  • Dragon Cane
  • Black Leather Slapper
  • Loopy Johnny
  • Riding Crop

I’ve listed them here in no particular order, just how I remembered and thought of them, however I’m going to put labels on them and categorise them. Continue reading

Mistress for a Day

C’s performance as head of the household has been disapointing recently.  I’ve decided on a two pronged strategy for putting her back on course.  The first angle of attack got to the seat of the probem – i.e. a spanking.  That has been administered, documented here and forgiven.  The other approach is training and in order to get her mindset back to HOH I’m going to promote her to Lady C for a 24 hour period.

For the true traditional spankos, you may want to skip the rest of this post as it contains stuff other than spankings. Lady C is a my strict Mistress who’s needs to be treated with respect, pampered, obeyed and pleased.  In return She implements a strict regime of retraints, teasing, denial, torture, rules, tasks and humiliation all enforced by Her liberal use of crops, canes, humbler, dicktator and Her treasured Mistress Strap.

The last spanking she gave was by our standards very light.  It was not rushed and uses a nice array of implements, but definately did not get to the level that she intended – “you’ll be wriggling in your seat tonight when we’re at the theatre”.   The positioning – of me – was good, however her stance when using the bitch strap and cane was wrong as the cane only punished the far end of one cheek and the bitch strap didn’t connect properly at all.  It usually makes a sound like a pistol shot and feels like a branding iron.  They are all things she needs to focus on.

We’re on holiday for the rest of the week and its unlikely that we’re going to have any guests or other interruptions.  That’s going to allow Lady C full control and probably make my life hell. There’s some home renovation projects and other tasks that we need to keep moving along and C is going to be able to push  that little bit harder as my expense.

Here goes


Purchasing Experience

We recently purchased some new implements and in this post I’d like to share that experience with you.

In short, the overall purchasing experience was very good and I would recommend these suppliers.

The first purchase was the Loopy Johnny from London Tanners. They use Paypal as their payment processor and you get an entry on your credit card as “Paypal *LONDONTANNE”.  An email confirms the purchase within minutes from both Paypal and the site directly.  We ordered around 2300 on a Tuesday night and by Thursday we had an email confirming that they had shipped the item.  It duly arrived on a day when there was nobody in the house and the post office took it back to their office as it wouldn’t fit in our letter box.   When I picked the item up it was wrapped in a plain cardboard box with a plain white label with my name and address handwritten.  There was a return name and address, but nothing to indicate that the package was from the London Tanners.   This is good as I’d rather that our postman didn’t know about our spanking implement purchases.    The outer cardbox package had the Loopy Johnny wrapped in tissue paper – as though it was going to come to any harm!   All in all a slick experience.

Second purchase was a pair of Dragon Canes from Quality Control.  They use a standard credit card processing system for their web shop and an email from the credit card processor and Quality Control confirms the purchase.  The credit card statement has not arrived, but from memory it has SEC-Order as the Payee.   We ordered this on the Wednesday around 2300 and the canes had arrived at our house on Saturday morning. I was expecting them that day so got up and stayed in range of the door for most of the morning.  When the post man had been and gone I thought we weren’t going to get them so went for a shower.  That was the precise moment that a special delivery arrived at the door.  As they needed a signature, the post man took them back to the post office again.   As I was going for Loopy Johnny it was not too big a deal.

The package from Quality Control was a brown cardboard tube with a neat white printed label with my name. There was also a return address with the name “Quality Control” written on it.  No big deal as it doesn’t specifically contain any reference to the products inside or the fact that we’re spankos.  A piece of bubble wraps protected the canes inside.  Another good experience.

Overall from talking about new implements in the pub on Tuesday evening to using them on Saturday night was good and no hassles.   The last thing you need is pain from purchasing implements – pain is to be delivered by C when she wants!

I would recomment Quality Control and London Tanners to anyone thinking of purchasing spanking implements.   I’ve used Quality Control before and knew what to expect.  London Tanners was a new experience and I was equally impressed by the service.  In the past I’ve also used MC Customs and their service is similiar.   Love Honey don’t tend to have the kind of specialised spanking implements that we want, however we’ve used them for other purchases and they also ship with plain wrapping and a discrete LH Trading as the supplier.  Maybe nothing says more than a plain brown cardbox package!

Happy Spankings,

A – The DisciplinedBoyfriend

Here’s Johnny

The new implements have arrived and C wanted to try them out almost immediately.   C placed a blindfold over my eyes, bared my bum and made me kneel with my arms/elbows on the floor so that my bum was jutting upwards for her.

Loopy Johnny was first and she gave three strokes.   This is no toy – it hurts.  The sting is like a cane or crop and raises welts just like a whip.   It is also NOT silent, OK it is quiet and would not be easily heard in the next room.

Next were the dragon canes.  C delivered 3 stinging strokes with the long one followed by 4 strokes with the short one.  One of which was a bit on the high side.  My impression of the canes is that they are far more severe than the Ann Summer’s toy.  These are designed for punishing and they do it rather well.

The blindfold was removed and I was allowed to view the implements and the damage they inflicted on my rear.  A series of angry red stripes, loops and ridges made a hot bot in very little time.  The loopy johnny is far larger than I had anticipated and the leather loop is quite thick.

According to C, these implements are light and easy to use.  She likes them as much as the Mistress Strap.   This is bad for me because the Mistress Strap is her favourite.

I’ll post some pictures later as C is tapping her foot and needing a lift into town and she doesn’t like being kept waiting.   Luckily she didn’t use either of these nasty implements this morning like she threatened.  My ass is saved for another day 🙂




In my last post here I mentioned that we’d ordered some new implements.   They have almost arrived – there’s two cards from the Post Office that indicate that I need to get down there and collect them.

C is at work today and won’t be back for at least another seven hours.  She mentioned last night that she’s going to use them as soon as she can – OK this won’t be a harsh disciplinary spanking.  Think of it more as playful experimentation on her part.

The Loopy Johnny is reputed to be silent in its application – if it is then C intends to use it in the mornings before she leaves and in the evening when she gets back and all the other times inbetween.

The canes are different.  They are not going to be silent – C is going to try them out and that is going to give her an indication of their effectiveness.

Meanwhile I have seven hours to worry about what each new implement is going feel and look like.  That should be enough time to make sure that the house is in good and all the tasks are completed so that there’s no excuse for her to use them in earnest.

A nervous A.