Black Leather Slapper Retirement

No more black leather slapper. Honestly, it was a toy from a sex boutique and was never designed to properly spank a bare bottom.
I mentioned in my last post here that I thought it was unsuitable and wanted C to confirm this. She hasn’t done anything about so therefore I need to take the initiative and make sure something is done about it.

By midnight tonight C has to make a decision on the black slapper, failure to make a decision means that she will get two slapper strokes tomorrow morning or a single tawse stroke. I really want HOH to be decisive!

C’s choices will be the following:

1. Don’t really make a choice and get 6 strokes from the black slapper every time it is used on my bum
2. Demand that the black slapper is to be used exclusively on her bum and no other implement is allowed except my hands
3. The black slapper and, for more serious infractions, the tawses will be used on her bum in addition to my hands

Of course, retiring the slapper from discipline or maintenance of my bum does not stop her from the light slaps that she uses on my balls – well I wouldn’t want anything harsher there would I?

The choice shouldn’t be too difficult to make. However, if the black slapper is retired from active duty providing convenient and quick spanking of my bum what should be the replacement? One implement in particular springs to mind, another would be a worthy standin. Do you think you can select them from this list?

C has to make public her choice (i.e. put a comment up here or devote an post on the subject) AND have the replacement implement picked in order to satisfy my deadline of midnight tonight, otherwise its going to red in the morning.

I will permit her one last outing of the black slapper and that is a retirement spanking. There’s conditions on this usage too. 1 – C has to make it known to me that she intends to use it at the retirement spanking, and 2 – a spanking of equal strokes with the replacement implement has to follow. In other words an out with the old, in with the new statement. Maybe this way she will see how ineffective this toy is compared to our professional instruments of discipline.

Implement of the Week

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Maintenance Madness

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6 Month Ass-essment

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Mr and Mrs Smith

No, not us!   The one with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  C wants a secret drawer just like Mrs Smith has under the cooker in which she can keep all her implements neatly packed and ready to handle the next bottom spanking mission.

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Sunday Morning Spankings

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Selfish Brat

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Effective Spanking Implements

We have a reasonable collection of spanking implements – I think they’re reasonable, but then I don’t know anyone that I can compare with.   The implement collection used to be called the spanky toys, but now most of our implements are purpose built instruments for punishing bare bottoms.

The main implements in the collection are:

  • Mistress Strap
  • Dominator Strap
  • Glasgow Strap
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (M)
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • 3 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • OTK Dragon Cane
  • Dragon Cane
  • Black Leather Slapper
  • Loopy Johnny
  • Riding Crop

I’ve listed them here in no particular order, just how I remembered and thought of them, however I’m going to put labels on them and categorise them. Continue reading

Mistress or Disciplinarian

Recently C was promoted to Mistress for a day to help with readjusting herself as a strict bitch. The first evening was so terrible that I extended her reign for an extra couple of days.

Eventually she got into the swing of the thing and spankings were administered. If there was a complaint then it would be that she tolerated far too much brattiness and did escalate the punishments.

Punishments were a six of the best with the black leather slapper at full strength. Although this is one of our lighter, less feared implements it can still produce a serious tingle on the bum. Six is very bearable and increasing by a couple of strokes every time would be a deterrent. Alternatively two minutes of rapid fire strokes would probably do the trick.

At end of the Lady C reign she fitted the humbler and had a bit of fun at my expense. I really need to blog a bit about the humbler as a high percentage of the web search referrals are for humbler.

Gotta go for now as I’m waiting for a flight but I have to blog soon about last weekend.

Happy spankings