These are our rules.  We add, modify or delete but only if we have agreement.  They will change to suit our needs and circumstances.

The framework of our DD lifestyle is important and avoiding, delaying, being sneaky or otherwise disruptive in its operation including trying to avoid maintenance, not keeping task lists, not fully participating or failing to abide by its rules is the ultimate misdemeanor.

Regular maintenance sessions will be performed

Task lists will be maintained and actioned.

MyDrinkAware shall be kept up to date. No visit to the pub shall have any more than our current agreed daily limits unless agreed before drinking starts. Will be part of the health and fitness review. No more than three visits to the pub per week.

MyFitnessPal shall be kept up to date recording food intake. Weight loss will be monitored.

Fitbit shall be kept up to date recording exercise. Fitbit targets and total duration/extertion will be reviewed. There will be at least two exercise sessions per week.

Opportune moments for DD punishments and maintenance will be brought to HOH attention.

Household chores will be performed in a timely manner and include making/changing bedding, changing washing/towels, keeping bathrooms clean, keeping rooms tidy, making dinner and shopping.

Look after each other and provide a supportive and safe environment and not cause HOH to be insulted, offended or pissed off.

Rules are not optional and will be followed until changed by agreement. Rules may be temporarily relaxed by mutual consent to suit special or unexpected circumstances.

In case of a dispute on interpretation of these rules the HOH decision shall be final.

Agreed by A, 23 September 2012

Agreed by C, 23 September 2012

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