One of the non spanking implements that Lady C has at her disposal is the Humbler.  The first time we ever saw a humbler in real life was when we were on holiday and spotted it in the window of a shop in York.  It was obvious that it was constructed out of three wooden coathangers and looked really naff.   Once we got home, I was challenged in making a humbler.

Anyone with basic wood working skills and a bit of patience can make one too.  I started with a beech chopping board, about an 25mm (that’s an inch for our North American cousins).  I cut two pieces about 40mm wide and clamped them side by side whilst I cut the basic profile and drilled out the centre hole.  All that remained was lots of sanding and varnishing and more varnishing.  The end result is a really smooth and good looking piece of wood.  A couple of holes drilled at the ends allow the pieces to be held together by a pair of screw and wingnuts.  Eyes were screwed to the ends just in case things needed to be attached….

The photo shows the finished humbler attached to my balls.  Movement is restricted and it stops me from standing up straight unless I want to put serious stress on my testicles.   I’m going to see if I can get some better photos of this device. Meanwhile you’re going to need to see it being worn.  If anyone wants detailed design information or hints, just leave me a comment.

15 comments on “Humbler

    • Hi Steve, I have AutoCAD 3D drawings that I can send or print out as PDF with dimensions etc. Alternatively I can always just measure the humbler. Feel free to email me – look for the link to Full Profile under the photo of the neck chain on the right hand side. A

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  5. never seen one of these before it looks like it could be painful!
    Must admit it gives me a tingle and a feeling of submisiveness just looking at the picture

    • Pete, its not in the slightest painfull just wearing it – just feels a bit tight down there. Don’t try to get up though as that’s when it will start ripping your balls off. It is very submissive – as you have to adopt a humble position to your dominant partner and leaves you very exposed ready for the crop.
      I recommend to acquire one either from one of the many stores or as I have done, build your own.

      • So I will probably make male friend buy one. But one question. In my fantasy I come him and he has followed my order and is kneeling with humbler in place. But when I look at the one you display it looks as a man could not put it in place himself unless he has long and flexible arms. Is that so? Would I have to attach it to his schlang? Secondly can it fit on any man or only one who is hung low with a longish neck to his scrotum. Please advise. I hate waiting once I have thought of a new act of submission for him.

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