Dicktator is a chastity device. Dicktator sounded a much better description than chastity device to us and describes more of what it does.

The first Dicktator we bought was a CB6000.   Wearing it for the first time is a unique experience. There’s a number of different rings and spacers so that the “ideal” fit can be found. This can take a couple of times experimenting until the right combination is found. Too slack and it’ll almost be on the end of your penis and allow partial erections, too tight and it’ll cause problems during the night.



The picture is not perfect, but there’s a ring that fits behind the balls. Two additional pieces close the ring with a central pin and two guide pins. A spacer holds the cage away from the ring leaving the central pin slightly proud allowing a padlock to hold the entire assembly in place. Some lubrication should be rubbed on the head and shaft of the penis prior to insertion as it can all stick and cause some discomfort. However, once its on and somebody else has the key it really does things to your head.

Basically it does what its meant to do effectively and effeciently. You can’t touch your penis, you can’t get an erection and you definately not going to be able to orgasm and ejaculate in any way that is pleasurable.

It can be a fit fiddly to fit and extremely difficuly it not impossible if any less than completely flacid. However there are many ways to “kill” an erection and every woman out there can probably think of some. I’ve found that a couple of strokes on each hand with a tawse makes me go from fully erect to tiny in seconds. Ice pack around the groin also has the same effect albiet somewhat slower.

How long it stays on for is really up to the keyholder and it is really mind blowing knowing that somebody else can control your body. We didn’t think it we would like it, but after trying it, we’ve changed our minds. It can make for extended foreplay or for chastity punishments, or for the submissive who wants a Mistress to control their orgasms.

C likes the fact that it makes me so much more attentive to her whilst I’m in it. I can’t see me ever wanting to submit to this 24×7. A couple of days is more than enough.

The next device we bought was the Birdlocked Neo.   This uses the same ring behind the balls technique to hold it onto your penis.   We had briefly talked about getting another device and I purchased this whilst away on business.   It arrived a few days before I got back and when C told me there was a parcel waiting for me I said she could open it.   The next couple of days were spent discussing it and how fitting it would be the first thing that happened after I walked through the door.

That alone was mind blowing and true to her word C got me to put it on immediately.   The birdlocked is a more forgiving chastity tube in that is in made out of silicon which allows some stretching unlike the CB6000 which is a rigid plastic.   The birdlocked was a bit fiddly to put on the first time, but I think I would be able to put it on in the dark and C is able to put me into it.

When C first saw the birdlocked she thought it was very small and wondered how I would ever fit into it.   Well I did and it feels completely different to the CB6000.   The Birdlocked almost folds your penis down to keep it at bay making it appear a more restrictive device.  The Cb6000 because of the rigid tube means that you get the sensation of pushing against the tube when trying to get an erection and the feel of your flacid penis as it rattles around in the cage.Birdlocked Neo

I tried a couple of the rings and spacers and eventually settled on two rings that I thought were a good fit.  With 20:20 hindsight (what a wonderful thing) I think the rings are too small and lead to night time pains and the skin folding over onto itself.     We continue to play with the Dicktators and I’m going to get another set of rings for the CB6000 to try and get a better fit.  I’m also quietly interested by some of the custom fit devices that Mature Metal and Steelworxx produce.   I think they will get me a device that is more discrete, easier to keep clean, more secure and more comfortable to wear for longer.   As an ongoing part of our relationship that we are still experimenting with I think it will be a good investment.

My job means that I travel a lot, most of it in using air travel and to secure locations where a full body search is not uncommon.   Essentially this is going to prohibit any 24x7x365 wear and even trying to fit a full 2 weeks is not always easy to do.    I don’t want that anyway – I won’t control not chastity.    When I have the Dicktator on I want C to tease me and control when I get to orgasm.   The rest of the time I’m happy being a normal spanko who still likes not almost vanilla sex.

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