Meet the implements.   These are the implements that Lady C uses for discipline and are presented in the order which they were purchased. We keep most in the wardrobe on hooks along with Lady C’s certificate:

The Lochgelly Tawses

I have three Lochgelly tawses.  All are genuine John J Dick Lochgelly and stamped with “John J Dick Maker Lochgelly”.   All were purchases at an antique shop in Crief, Scotland which, alas, is now closed.  I believe the owner still sells on eBay.   The seller at the time had quite a number of tawses and other school memorabilia for sale and has good knowledge of the history of the tawse.

2 Tailed Medium

This tawse is stamped M, has two tails and is 545 mm long x 32 mm wide x 6 mm thick.

2M Lochgelly Tawse

2 Tailed Heavy

This tawse is stamped H, has two tails and is 545 mm long x 30 mm wide x 7 mm thick.

Three Tailed Heavy

This tawse is stamped H, has three tails and is 575 mm long x 37 mm wide x 8 mm thick.

3H Lochgelly Tawse

The tawse when applied to the hands gives an immediate stinging and smarting akin to tripping on a cold and frosty morning and smashing the palms of your hands flat on the pavement – OUCH!    Applied to the bare bottom gives an a light thud and lots of sting.   The tawse should always be used at full strength and the number of strokes adjusted to obtain the required level of punishment.

Surprisingly the two tailed medium feels stingier and heavier than the two tailed heavy.  This could be to the fact that the 2M is stiffer and the leather on the 2H feels like it is broken around the handle.   Without a doubt the three tailed heavy is by far the best at producing sting.  This particular tawse is very stiff and can be held outright and it will barely bend.  I think we probably could hammer in fence posts with this one.  Definately not for the faint hearted.

John Dick Leather Goods is the daughter of John J Dick and the web site contains the history of the tawse and her family. You can buy a brand new tawse to any of the original design complete with the original stamps.

These tawses were purchased around 2003/2004 before I had even met Lady C.  The two tailed tawses were £120 each and the three tailed £150.


This cane is from Ann Summers and whilst I have very limited experience of canes it feels like a cheap toy.   It is not very straight and the handle was a nuisance so it was cut off and a length of tennis rack grip added.  This made it easier to grip and therefore control.  Lady C is not very competant with this and probably doesn’t use it anywhere its full potential.

Senior Dragon Cane

Senior Dragon Cane

When applied to the bared bottom its like a hot poker landing across your bottom.  It’s not as breath taking as I had imagined, but that could be put down to the quality and the strength of delivery.

I can’t remember how much this cost or exactly when it was purchased.  We don’t use it a lot.

We also have a long and a short dragon cane.  Again they’re not in use very often.  Lady C is starting to play with it a bit more using my bum as target practice.

The cane on the right is a senior dragon cane from Quality Control.  Its about 800mm long and 8mm in diameter.  Its definately more a punishing tool than the other cane.

The Glasgow Strap

We have given this strap the nickname Peter after Peter Andre as its bright orange.  At the same time we got a leather slapper which we’ve named Katie (aka Jordan).  Originally Katie wasn’t included here as she is a bit lightweight however it is the implement that will be used on C’s bottom.

Whilst teachers at most schools in Scotland had to purchase their own straps and tawses, Glasgow corporation issued them with one of a different design – the Glasgow Strap.

This strap is a modern replica of the Glasgow Strap except we chose to leave it as a strap and not have tails.  It measures up at 610 mm long x 40 mm wide and 6 mm thick.  It is the longest of all the straps and tawses that we own.  We’ve customised it by punching a hole in it and attacting a leather lace to allow us to hang it up.  Its made by Tawsemaker who crafts a variety of leather straps, tawses and paddles and stamps them as M.Campbell Maker Refrewshire.  It was purchased early in 2009.

The strap gives a very similiar thud and sting as the Lochgelly Tawses when applied vigorously to the bared bottom and I can attest to its authentic nastiness.

Here’s a picture that shows all the long tawses and straps together:


Looking closely you will be able to read the John J Dick Maker Lochgelly clearly on the two tailed medium and the weight M.  The Glasgow strap shows M Campbell Maker Refrewshire.  The three tailed heavy weight stamp is clearly visible, the two tailed is not.

HOH Strap

This is actually named by the sellers as the Governor Strap.  We call it the HOH Strap as its Lady C’s favourite.  I refer to it as the bitch strap.

This strap is quite short and is made of rubber which gives it an unique feel when it lands on your bared bottom.   Its quite thuddy and gives an intense sting as well as a numbness.   Reddining of the bottom takes a good few minutes after the initial strokes have landed.   Lady C really likes this strap as its a nice length for her and is suited to her small hands and requires little effort to produce huffing, puffing and wriggling from me.  She is also very accurate with it and can usually make it land exactly where she wants.  We got this strap late 2009 and at that time cost £55 from Quality Control.

Tan Leather Governor Strap

This is one of our latest acquisitions. We now refer to it as Auntie as its part of the family and we can put Auntie in conversation almost anywhere without raising any suspicions that we are spankos. “Don’t forget, Auntie is waiting for us”

Tan Leather Governor Strap




Its not been used enough for me to comment about its good or bad qualities yet.   It looks well made and I’m sure it’ll give Lady C many years of quality strapping. We got this strap early 2015 and at that time cost £100 from Quality Control.

Dominator Strap

The Dominator Strap is a monster and consists of several layers of leather stitched together.  Similiar in length to the Mistress Strap it is easy to control but because of the thickness it is difficult to grip.  The Dominator is made by the same makers as the Mistress Strap at Quality Control.

The Dominator produces a heavy thud and instant warmth.  Like the Mistress Strap it is limited by its length.  Dominator cost £80 at Xmas 2010.

Leather Slapper

This was another purchase from Ann Summers – I had a quick look on their site and they don’t appear to sell it anymore.  LoveHoney have something similiar albiet with a different shaped handle and more studs.    Unfortunately, the photographs I’ve got aren’t very good, and next time it’s out and being used I’ll make sure I update the photo here.  If C has been really bad, I may post a picture of her disciplined bottom too 😉

Leather Slapper

This implement isn’t long and doesn’t have much weight, however these are the attributes that make it easy to easy to provide a barrage of whacks in quick succession. On a cold bottom this is difficult for me to take and very quickly C can have me squirming and wriggling with it.   Overall it is a very flexible implement and can be used from over the knee style positions to bent over, down, lying on back with feet in air and for a really dominant spanking, C can position me so that I’m bent forward as she grips my head/neck between her thighs and spanks me down each bottom cheek.

We’ve now almost retired this from all use especially on my ass.  Lady C sometimes uses it to smack the under side of my balls.

27 comments on “Implements

  1. The Lochchellybadministered to the bare buttocks is the most searing,mp sinful corporal punishment ever experienced. In my case, it was homo-erotic and consensual.mi am a heterosexual male. The twin forks of the strap dig, rip, bruise and maul, but the sensation and concomitant attitudinal adjustment were incredibly powerful.

    • The lochgelly on the bare is to be feared! After an Iinitial 12 I was told that I deserved another 6 but to help me a gentle spray of cooling water was applied the cooling fluid was indeed relieving but what I didn’t realise that it enhanced the effect of the final six , similar to holding a hot pan handle with a damp as opposed to a dry cloth the moisture acts as a conducter

    • I am a female hoh and I have a Lochgelly 2 tail medium and a 2 tail heavy tawse along with a 3 tail medium Lochgelly tawse. My Boyfriend tells me that the 2 tail medium hurts more that the heavy 2 tail tawse. I see you have a medium and a heavy 2 tail. What you think? If you tell me that the 2 tail M tawse is not as bad as the H he’s going to get a good thrashing!

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    • I needed to be in restraints for my two pronged lochchellyntawse whipping. I was punished on the bare buttocks. It was powerful but very painful. I had large welts.

  3. We use a heavy 3 tailed tawse. My bottom begs for the spanking to stop while I cry for it to continue. CONFUSING!!

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