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Hot Bot

Hot Bot

This was my bum after Lady C used the dominator strap, boudoir paddle, wooden paddle and HOH strap.  Hot, stingyand quite red.


A Sore Tawsed Hand

A Sore Tawsed Hand

This is my left hand after two strokes with the 2M Tawse – it was stinging like crazy and the picture does really protray the angry red marks where the tails lashed into my palm.

C's punishment, 21 Apr 2013

C’s punishment, 21 Apr 2013

A's punishment 21-Apr-2013

A’s punishment 21-Apr-2013

Tawse practice

C was practicing with the tawse

Lovely Marks on C’s Bum 22-Apr-12

Strapped 25 Jan 2012

Barebottomed tawsing 15 Dec 2011

C’s 1st Spanking 25 Feb 2005

A’s 1st Spanking 25 Feb 2005

13 comments on “Gallery

  1. I put my Donnie in punishment panties for his spankings too. However, I sometimes make him insert an Aneros Plug and put him in a tight thong panty. He’s put on all fours then I slowly spank him keeping the swats just below the unbearable stage. The clenching of his butt cheeks moves the Aneros Plug over his prostrate. I use this technique as a warm up spanking and to milk him. This warm up last about 5 to 10 minutes before he’s completely drained. Afterwards I stand him up remove his cum soaked panties and stuff them in his mouth. Then OTK for his punishment spanking. He hates it. But then that’s what happens when he curses or raises his voice.

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  3. Where is a good place to buy a tawse? thanks. R love spanking me with an old leather belt of mine, and while I get a good spanking out of it, I am wondering if it is time to step it up a bit. Let me know. Thanks.

    • We have three genuine Lochgelly Tawses all with the JJ Dick Maker stamp on them. A three tailed heavy, two tailed heavy and a two tailed medium. I bought them at an antique shop which has since closed. I believe the owner now sells on EBay however I’ve no experience of this.

      If you look at the right hand side bar under the suppliers, there’s a link to J Dick Leathergoods. This is the daughter or is it the grand daughter of the man who made our tawses. BTW C likes their handbags. We’ve never bought any of the modern ones, but they look exactly like ours – or is it theirs?

      Another one of the links is MC Customs. We have one of their Glasgow Straps – not quite traditional as ours does not have the tails cut into the business end. The weight and length is similar to that of the Lochgelly Tawses and the thickness is almost similiar. Mail order was straightforward for us and arrived within a week of ordering.

      I can give you other comparisons with thicknesses etc. The 3 tailed heavy is by far the severest and when held out almost stands out straight. The 2 tailed medium is more severe than the 2 tailed heavy and are of similiar weights and thicknesses but the 2M is stiffer. The MC Customs Glasgow Strap is similiar in length and size to the 3H but lighter.

      C’s favourite is still the Mistress Strap or HOH Strap as it is called now. Its not a traditional style and made of rubber not leather. Find it at Quality Control. Order it and insist to your other half that youth get six of the best before you get to see it 😉 They also do tawses but not to the traditional Scottish design. They look thicker and stiffer and therefore must nastier than the Lochgellys above.

      The other supplier we have used is the London Tanners. We have a Loopy Johnny and the Boudoir Paddle. I have no doubts that their tawses would be of the same high quality in the workmanship and effectiveness of the device.

      Feel free to email me direct if you want further details – get my address from the profile page – link on the top right hand side bar.

      Be carefull what you wish for 😉

  4. Please check out my blog , its called welted bottom. Like you it only contains authentic clips and pics.

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