Update.   We no longer use this contract as its more of a female led relationship / female led marriage.   We have a series of simple rules:

  • Lady C makes the rules
  • Obey the rules
  • Don’t argue

Actually that’s just an interpretation of them, To sumarise them in one phrase would be “Lady C decides”

However, for the benefit of others I’m going to leave our old rules and contract here for the benefit of others.

This is our 5 year Domestic Discipline Contract.   Feel free to copy and use.


Contract between xxxxxxxxxxx hereafter called C and xxxxxxxxxxx hereafter called A.

This contract has been drawn up to keep our relationship secure and create a framework that we set aside time to plan for our goals as well as ensuring that we make a reasonable effort in attaining them.


The contract begins on the 1st day of December 2011 and will run for 5 years until the 30th day of November 2016.  It can be cancelled by mutual agreement of both parties after reasonable discussion has taken place.

Domestic Duties

A will perform domestic duties as agreed with C and perform them to the best of his ability with good grace and in a timely manner.   Activities will include shopping, cooking, dishes, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and vacuuming and anything else C deems necessary for the successful running of the household.  Failure in completing any task or performing in a substandard or sloppy manner will result in discipline.

C’s duties will be to manage the running of the Domestic Discipline Contract and in particular ensure that weekly reviews and planning are performed as far as reasonably practicable. Not having a review is not a disciplinary offence, but not attempting to arrange one is. Failure in performing these duties results in discipline.

Social, Moral and Spiritual Duties

In addition to the domestic duties, A will also attend to C’s social and other spiritual needs as she sees fit.   In particular, A will not indulge in selfish activities such as going to the pub along without prior permission from C.  Failure in any of these areas will also result in discipline.


C will be established as Head Of Household (HOH) and her word is final and she will decide on any dispute arising from ambiguous or contradiction within this contract.

Failure in performing tasks may be due to any number of factors and as such may be reviewed favourably by the disciplinarian, however laziness, drunkiness/hungover, and couldn’t be bothered and other such excuses are NOT valid excuses and may even be subject to higher than normal levels of discipline.

Tasks and Goals

A weekly planning and review will maintain a set of quarterly goals, regular tasks, additional special weekly tasks and the list of things not to do. These will be AGREED between C and A. As these are dynamic and require continual revising, they are not shown here.  Typical tasks will include cleaning, cooking, remedial works and renovations in the house.

The tasks and goals will be recorded in each party’s Filofax and the results tracked during the week.


Discipline will be administered at the earliest opportunity.  This may require A to come home at lunchtime on C’s day off so that punishment can be administered.  In addition to on the spot discipline, a weekly punishment can also be administered.  This punishment will take account of the type and frequency of all transgressions of the previous week.

For A the type of punishment will include one or more of the following: severe spanking on bare bottom; strapped on hands.  This list is not exhaustive and C may include any suitable punishment as she sees fit.   A has indicated that he will accept severe punishments that will cause him discomfort and pain for up to a week.   A has also indicated that severe punishments can be inflicted for anything that causes C embarrassment, anger, annoyance or otherwise pisses her off, however punishment may not be given whilst angry.

For C punishment will be either a bare bottomed hand spanking or for more serious infractions or continual blatant repeat offences, a spanking with the leather slapper. C has indicated that punishments should be light.

Punishments will be administered without emotion and to the satisfaction of the disciplinarian. The reason for punishment should be clearly indicated prior to punishment. Once the punishment has been given, the disciplined one should thank the disciplinarian for the punishment and then hug.  The issue will then be closed.


Towards the end of this contract extension, C and A shall review this contract with options to extend this contract.



I C have read and understood the content and spirit of this contract and hereby agree to be bound by it and abide by its rules between the dates 1st December 2011 and 30th November 2016.

Sign Date


I A have read and understood content and spirit of this contract and hereby agree to be bound by it and abide by its rules between the dates 1st December 2011 to 30th November 2016.

Sign Date

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