Do I Need a Reason?

Today is going to be a day full of spankings. On our whiteboard there is the following:

  • Pick 6 Implements
  • Find a reason to use them
  • Use them
  • Repeat

For reasons the following categories are suggested:

  • Discipline
  • Lady C’s fun
  • A’s fun
  • Proxy
  • Maintenance
  • Thought association
  • Encouragement
  • No reason
  • Whim
  • Regular
  • Rule breaches
  • Dominance

Most of these are straightforward, thought association is hearing, seeing, thinking, reading of something that can be taken out of context and put into a spanking one. Example that Lady C actually said this morning: “that cupboard is a pain in the bum”. Other examples are seeing the colour red, use of the words heat, warmth, sting, and pulling on a (bra) strap.

Proxy is simple – if there is a reason that Lady C needs spanked then she transfers that to her nominated proxy – i.e. me.

Regular? Well she may decide that she wants to administer a spanking every 10 minutes during 1900-2000 when we will be making dinner.

Dominance – well that re-asserts Lady C as the Head of the Household in our FLR

Anybody got any other reasons?


At Last

It’s been a while again. Life just seems so busy and hectic and it’s difficult to get some time to put my thoughts together, let alone put them into a coherent post.

However I find a spare 15 mins today as I wait at yet another airport to get my writing head on.

Spankings at The Disciplined Boyfriend / Lady C mansion have been few and far between mainly due to two factors: family staying over and working away.  

There has been a few, and only last night Lady C used “her favourite” to sting my ass. With not getting so frequent spanking my ass cheeks are more tender and less able to accept the nasty strap that she likes do much. After four I was really wanting it to stop but she insisted that I was getting a few more. Good job she was in a good mood and not intent on delivering a punishment.

We’ve also got a new footstool that caught our eye for the sole reason that it looks like a mini vaulting horse and will be almost perfect for laying over to get that ass in the air.

We’ve only quickly tried out out and had to keep the noise at a minimum, but Lady C did like the positioning. She also likes that she can sit on it and put me across her knees.

It has been mentioned that it will be used again very soon, except this time it’ll be a bit different as the guest in the adjacent bedroom has kindly moved to one at the opposite end of the house.

Until the next quiet moment, happy spankings,


Mistresses Reply

Ode to my Sub

Your eyes are closed and face screwed up

And even though I smack your butt

You always point it up

So your cheeks get nice and hot

My aim is true and stinging

The cane is swinging right

You know what it is bringing

Welts deep and bright

I’m feeling wet

Your ass is pink

A treat you want to get

I want some tongue, I think

Not for you the end is nigh

You really must be patient

Until you make me sigh

You’ll stay in diktation!

This will also prove to be prophetic! I do demand a lot of attention to my pussy! And its always best when A is locked in a chastity device


Ode to Mistress

Your eyes are brown and face pretty,

you are , for me, a hottie

and even though I suck at your clitty

you still punish me when I’m naughty

Your aim is true and arms so strong

the implements evil, nasty and long

when you spank my ass with a strap and tawse

I ask why and you say just because

My heart is throbbing, my balls are twitching, I’m in heaven with you and your switching

your cleavage is great and boobs deserve licking

I’m so happy when I’m squeezing and sucking

Upon my finger there is a ring

around my cock is the same thing

these say you’re my Mistress and wife

without you I would hate life

I love all of you, including boobs and bum

even that bit of squidgy tum

you are gorgeous, lovely and so fine, 

that’s why you’re mine and my Valentine.

So Mistress, when we get together

remember you can keep me on a tether

we’ll go out, have food and drink no matter the weather

and then once home you can have fun with your leather

A wrote this for me while away, he will find it prophetic!
Enjoy a spanking good valentines day all!

Lady C

The implement in action


This is this week’s implement of the week. Surprisingly this is where it has been most of the time and not heating my bottom.

It has been taken off it’s hook twice. Once just because Lady C thought she fancied some fun and the other when I hadn’t put some laundry in the machine.

I thought that the spankings would be in the room where we were at the time, but Lady C decided she wanted my bum bare and high in the air on our bed.

The second spanking consisted of only 4 strokes. That’s a lot less than C normally gives, but each was a well delivered hard stroke that caused me to gasp. Damn, she’s getting too good with these straps and tawses. I’m not sure if be able to take much more of them.

As the weekend approaches, it’ll be time to choose a new implement of the week. I wonder what that’ll be or even who’s going to choose.


Dress Sense

What do you wear for a spanking?    For the spankee, the answer will most likely range from bared bottom to naked.   But what does the spanker usually wear?

Lady C tends to just wear what she is in at the time.    Sometimes it is in her work clothes, sometimes in her casual clothes.      If she feels to need to give an ad-hoc strapping when we are in bed then she will be swinging that strap completely nude.   Very occasionally she will dress up as a dominatrix but thats usually when we’re having fun and not as part of any domestic discipline regime.

So what do I like best?   Acutally the thing I like best is the complete randomness and the fact that it embraces domestic discipline  as a lifestyle thing and not something we just do now and again.

What’s your dress sense?

Valentine’s DD Style

If the normal vanilla couples get more romantic and even propose on Valentine’s Day, what should a DD couple do?

Should there be slightly more kink than normal, more spankings and lots more domination?

What’s the equivalent of proposing? Do I get down on one knee and ask for my Mistresses firm hand in DD marriage?

With a weekend together on the way it’s going to be fun finding out 😉


Who Wants to be Spanked By A Stranger?

This is the menage-a-trois of the spanking world.   You, your spanking partner and a stranger.

This is a result of a conversation that C and I had on Saturday night.    My fantasy is to be spanked with C and a stranger present.  Either C performs the spanking and the stranger provides encouragement and offers guidance on techniques or the stranger does the spankings and C encourages.

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