In celebration of our new FLR lifestyle, we’re having a FLR day.

We’ll go over how well we’ve done in the last few days and what parts we need to work on.  I have nice request for Lady C to wear her thigh length boots, basque/corset and wave a riding crop menacingly.   My penis is really securely locked in our new chastity device – the Watchful Mistress.

We’ll have some fun, some champagne and see if we can keep a smile on Mistress’s face all day 😉


A Christmas Gift For Mistress

In addition to the vanilla gifts, Lady C was given a spanking gift. Of all the gifts I purchased for her, this one was the first to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

It was interesing that it was the first gift that she requested demanded on Christmas morning.  It didn’t take her long to remove it from the packing and was quite delighted when she found it was a dragon cane with a lovely soft, purple lambskin handle.  A couple of test swishes later confirmed that she was pleased with it.

It took until the following day until Lady C used it on me and even then it was five light strokes.  She needs practice she tells me, and I imagine its going to be real practice on my ass and not the cushions that she means.

Anyway hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got presents that you like too.


A Little Reminder

For a week we had a trial of something slightly different in the DD campaign.  HOH would provide a “reminder” about our tasks and goals for that day.  That reminder took the form of laying across HOH’s knee whilst she nagged and questioned about what we were going to achieve or, in the case of the pub, not going to do.  With a tautly stretched bot and the boudoir paddle applied in time to the nagging it got the message across and overall was a success.

We been talking about this again this week and how its so much better than maintenance. Actually I think its maintenance albiet under a different name.   The idea behind it is that it is preventative and helps to achieve the goals by encouragement before failing.  It works for both of us as it helps us remember every day what our goals are. Lady C is also thinking about ceasing maintenance in favour of daily reminders.

Last night we had another reminder session.   HOH also wanted me to choose the implement – “not for me to choose My Darling HOH, but it has to be a nagging implement”.   She flirted with some of the nasty ones, but ended up with the red heart shaped paddle and got off very lightly with a massage more than a spanking.   Compare that to six with her HOH strap.

Question is should HOH use her strap for daily reminders or continue with a lessor implement like the Boudoir Paddle or should it be on a day by day basis?

Unfortunately we overdid it a bit last night and managed to conviently forget our goals and targets for the day.  But it was a special occasion and HOH did state that she was being kind.  I’m sure that mistake will not be made again.


Meet The New Addition

Lady C has a new implement in her collection.    I got it for her as a birthday gift.   Its very similiar to her favourite HOH Strap, but with one major difference – instead of a cold heartless black rubber it is a nice warm tan leather.

I don’t have any pictures of yet, infact I’ve not handled it in any way so far and only seen it from a distance.   I have only felt it across my bum.    That’s kind of the way I want it to stay.   It’s Lady C’s strap and its only purpose is to punish my bum.

Lady C liked it on its initial outing.   It makes a nice red colour she said.   And that what I thought from my side too.   It thumps down like the HOH Strap, but gives a lot of sting and heat whereas the HOH Strap is almost more numbing.

I think it needs a nickname – we can’t call it the new strap or the leather HOH Strap.    Last week it was the birthday basher but that can’t last.   We’re open to suggestions, but it now gives more meaning when it is mentioned that my bum is going to get tanned.

Not quite had the full details from Lady C as to her thoughts about and where it will feature in the discipline and maintenance procedures, nor had a chance to fully experience it on a fresh bottom without a recent punishment.   That time will come soon enough.

A Course in Caning

The one implement that C is not particularly competant with is the cane.  We’re going to change that this year by getting her to practice a bit (not on my ass) and in a few months you might see some changes in the punishments that are served. Continue reading

Spanking Challenge Round 1

C accepted my Spanking Challenge and within minutes of getting home had her favourite Mistress Strap out and ready for action.  How did it go? Continue reading

I Crave A Spanking

Sometimes I crave a spanking. I fantasise about getting a hot bum and having to wriggle and avoid the blows, and have to plead for the spanking to stop. Continue reading