A Quick Update

Lots have changed since I first started this blog and now life has settled down into something that we’re both comfortable with. That doesn’t mean that we are not doing any kink, FLR, or DD. We are, it just happens. But what it means is that a lot of the processes, rules, tools that are described on these pages, just don’t happen any more. They’ve all been replaced with a simple set of rules:

Rule 1

Lady C makes the rules.

Rule 2

If in doubt, rule 1 applies.

Of course, any breaches of the rules usually mean I end up with my bare ass in the air with a stingy strap swinging away at it.

We kinda didn’t like a lot of the fiddly work that was involved in keeping the frameworks of schedules, rules all up to date. Most of all, means that Lady C doesn’t get pissed off with me as she always found that to be a bit “topping from the bottom”.

The other thing that’s changed significantly is that I’m locked in chastity a LOT more. It used to be for a couple of days, possible a week, maybe two. Now its way longer, like three months, only getting out once or twice for 10 minutes max for showering or for Lady C to have a play.

That started about last May. I woke up one morning and felt decidedly better, both physically and mentally. The last three years had me suffering with some really nasty medical conditions. So in May we spoke about it and what my expectations are and we took it from there.

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