Weals and Welts

A recent conversation with Mistress revealed that she is uncomfortable with weals and welts.  When she sees the welts she thinks she has gone too far.   She likes the redness, the wriggling, just seeing my naked bum and knowing she has the power to make me go OUCH.

From my point of view the welt/weal is the trophy, a badge of honour that says that I have taken a trashing from Mistress.    Mistress needs to take them as a success – something that says she’s achieved the goal of punishing my ass as well as reliving the moment when I complain or sit down gingerly.

As usual I got the warning – “beware of what you ask for!”.    Technically I didn’t ask, just facilitated it.   So now she has to stop worrying about the state she leaves my ass in and more on concentrating on admiring her handiwork.

Its another start to a new regime.   A stricter, harsher Mistress that’s going to get things moving and ensure that things get done.   We’ve both been under par for a few months, me even longer with not enough energy to blog or to even think about sex and kink, and last weekend was the first time for a while that I felt inclined to do something.   Mistress of course took advantage and gave me a reminder with her riding crop, boudoir paddle and Mistress Strap of what to expect if I don’t conform to her rules and commands.   As always when we start out we get all sorts of obstructions in our way.  This time it was having family staying over for the week.   They’re all gone now and its time to get started with the planning again.

Happy Spankings


One comment on “Weals and Welts

  1. We had a similar problem , she was unable to ‘ remove herself ‘ in order to administer a proper punishment, it was something we both agreed needed addressing and she took the responsibility of finding a solution. Three weeks later I found myself attending an appointment with a professional disciplinarian, not a dominatrix but a lady who firmly believed in the benefits of corporal punishment. My wife gave her a simple instruction ” My husband needs to be taught a lesson” .
    Twenty minutes later my wife was examining the results of her skills with tawse and cane and I was panting for breath glad it was over , my mistake! The final 10 minutes was spent with my wife being given a practical lesson on how to properly administer a cane and my rear end was sporting an impressive display of bruises, ridges and welts .
    That was three years ago and since then my wife delivers, when required a very severe disciplinary punishment which always leaves me with a full tattoo of ‘ stripes’

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