Ending The Year With a Bang

The end of the year is almost upon us here and I was wondering how a FLR couple could make the year end with a bang.  I read somewhere that whatever you do when the clock strikes midnight tonight will be what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year.   That may ultimately determine what we get up to tonight and therefore what we do for the rest of the next year 🙂

Lady C took the initiative and said that we’re going to the pub, but only after we’ve had some fun.  Fun means she’s going to spank out the old year and spank in the new on my bare ass.   And tonight is going to be how we intend to continue in 2017.

So, whatever you’re doing or wherever you are, have a great night and the best wishes from us both for 2017.

A and C


6 comments on “Ending The Year With a Bang

  1. It did, to the extent that I was spared any additional punishment until today. I sensed a difference as she applied the tawse not only in complete silence but full force from stroke one . as I struggled to keep relatively still after about seven strokes she told me that her new year resolution was to apply any punishments she gave from now on full force so ‘ I better shape up or get used to it’ . I survived the tawse but was in complete disarray as soon as the first cane stroke hit home a few hours later however with her encouragement I duly took the full seventeen and genuinely felt the better for it afterwards even although I had to sleep on my tummy for two nights.

  2. This year has really got off to a bang! I realised after the third stroke of the tawse that she was not holding back and as I squirmed and received a warning about keeping still she revealed to me that a new year resolution of hers was to always deliver punishments ‘full throttle’ . this resulted in my ‘welcome to the new year’ 20 & 17 being split into 2 sessions , the second taking all my strength and will to assume the position as I was still seriously bruised and aching from the first session given 8 hours beforehand.

  3. I really liked the thought of spanking out the old year and into the new year. During count down and the ball dropping, I can imagine getting spanked 60 times for the last 60 seconds of the old year and then some number into the new year. Whether it be a really really hard single spank to start, or some significant number for the new year like the number of orgasms you had last year. But the new year spankings have to be painful.

  4. The calendar occasionally throws up a quirk or two but in my memory this particular day has brought about a unique set of circumstances, let me explain.
    1) Sunday is my designated weekly punishment day.
    2) On the first Sunday of every month I get a particularly stiff session to pay for the previous month’s misdemeanors and encourage me to do better in the month to follow.
    3) On the 1st of January each year no2 is repeated taking into account the year just ended.
    So you can imagine my trepidation as today covers all three criteria and the first session which is 20 tawse followed by 17 cane to welcome the new year in is due to start shortly.

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