Totally FLR

We have a FLR (female led relationship). That means Lady C makes all the decisions or should. 

This weekend, as we’re both together alone and not working I suggested that we (she) make it a totally FLR one.  A educational weekend  where she teaches me how to be obedient, respectful, not to be cheeky, restraint, confinement, discipline and reward.

As this is a prearranged play and not our normal lifestyle I feel I can make comment. So far it’s been all about her, only thing is she keeps threatening nasty implements…. And not using them.

We have drawers full of implements and devices, some very expensive, some antique and collectors items, ranging from titillating to encouragement to deterrent to nasty punishment. Why are they not used more?


5 comments on “Totally FLR

  1. Well we did it! I really struggled after the first four hours ,when my initial levels of concentration began to wane, we were out in company and on our return home I was given a severe verbal dressing down and sent to bed with instructions to waken her at precisely 7.40 on Saturday with a coffee and her favorite warm croissant. I realised this meant me driving across town to the bakery which meant my leaving at 6.30 am. I did manage this and was rewarded with a warm smile and a ‘well done ‘ and a final ‘ prepare yourself for a long and memorable day’ she was as good as her word!

      • We had a ‘debriefing’ session last night and while I had perfect scores in some areas I barely passed in others and failed miserably on some key points resulting in an overall rating of just 7/10.

        The result has left me feeling disappointed in my failings but happy that she thoroughly enjoyed her 100% dominant role. She also now has access to all my emails and web visits and has given her permission for me to update here. My performance , I have been assured , will be addressed in a traditional manner in the not too distant future , a decision which already has me on my best behaviour.

  2. We are embarking on a total FLR this weekend starting at 1pm today Friday and ending 9 pm Sunday. Our rules are simple , she will control everything ,I will follow / obey her instructions, discipline will be administered as /if required, I have no safe words but she can call things to a halt if she wishes. I am looking forward to this progression in our lifestyle with a mixture of excitement and trepidation and hope that I do not disappoint.

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