In celebration of our new FLR lifestyle, we’re having a FLR day.

We’ll go over how well we’ve done in the last few days and what parts we need to work on.  I have nice request for Lady C to wear her thigh length boots, basque/corset and wave a riding crop menacingly.   My penis is really securely locked in our new chastity device – the Watchful Mistress.

We’ll have some fun, some champagne and see if we can keep a smile on Mistress’s face all day 😉


4 comments on “FLR Day

  1. This sounds interesting, and fun.

    While Merry and I have drifted a bit from any kind of 24/7 FLR, we have gotten as far as discussing a “YES DAY”, a whole day (not a work day for me, but a day, when I’m home all day with her) when I will say “Yes” to any request by her (as long as it’s safe-sane-legal-within boundaries of our CNC-that sort of thing).

    • This is a very rewarding but difficult experience. I dislike the riding crop , don’t ask me why, it’s not the most painful of her instruments but it is one that I particularly dislike. We had agreed that for a 24 hour period I was essentially her slave to do as she pleased, after about three hours I slipped up by not automatically fulfilling her request and out came the riding crop!.At the end of the period the fact that I had submitted 100% to her wishes gave us both a fantastic feeling of love and bonding, together with some wonderful crop marks!

      • The riding crop for us is not one of our normal discipline implements. We see it as part of the more fun BSDM scene and an important accessory for every Mistress to have. It usually comes out when I’m tied up naked in the door frame. Its definately an attention grabber! And as I’m in that kind of mood today I may just request some crop marks. Glad you enjoyed your day together, there’s something special about being curled up at Mistress’s feet.

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