Being Good

One important thing I promised was that I would not try and influence Lady C by telling her what not to do and when she should do things.

Do you know how difficult that is?  How can I tell her that all is well and I would like lots more?


11 comments on “Being Good

  1. C'est un drame qui va se prolonger au tribunal: mon cousin est décédé sur un chantier suite à la négligeance d'un patron qui a refusé de protéger ses ouvriers (pour faire court)… Ma famille se porte partie civile pour essayer d'éviter qu'un autre &qtag;uomin" de 25 ans perde la vie pour rien.Bises amicales @};-

  2. You cannot! She is now in charge and will dish out discipline as she sees fit. Learn that you have given up your free will and accept that now she has complete control and you will embrace the rewards.

      • Understood, we went through a similar transitional period. When I asked to be taken ‘to my limit and beyond’ , she arranged a session with a professional disciplinarian when for two hours , she was shown ,and I endured discipline on a different level ,but when the endorphins kicked in WOW!

      • Hi, it wasn’t a pro -domme that definitely would NOT suit our lifestyle. She was a strict disciplinarian, who believes that formal punishment delivered in a consentail but loving manner paves the way to better relationships.

      • Ok Ken, my mistake. Something I would like C to do and witness but that’s one of these thing that gets her quite annoyed when I bring it up. Bring it on is what I want, even though it may not be great at the time.

  3. Yes, I do know how difficult it can be to bite my tongue. So how do you get ‘lots more? I think you suggest it in the title – by being good and thanking her and showing sincere appreciation when she gives you what you crave. That seems a lot more effective than being perceived as trying to push your own agenda.

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