FLR Rules

As hinted at here – the detailed rules.  Enjoy.


  1. C makes the rules
  2. C is always correct
  3. Obey all C’s rules and commands
  4. Discipline for non-compliance of rules
  5. Maintenance as and when C decides
  6. Reminders as and when C decides


  • Do obey all rules
  • Do not cause any distress, upset or torment
  • Do not talk back, argue or be pedantic
  • Do not question commands or decisions
  • Do not fail in commands or tasks
  • Do not fail in your own tasks or goals
  • Do expect to be disciplined frequently
  • Do not criticise discipline, maintenance or reminders


  • On the bare bum – straps, tawses, paddles, canes, slipper or Loopy Johnny
  • On the hands – long straps or tawses only
  • On the balls – spanking, punching, kneeing or any other discomfort
  • Punishment Dicktation – minimum of 3 days

Overall Guidance:

  • If in any doubt, rules 1 & 2 apply

7 comments on “FLR Rules

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  2. thank you for the clarification on P. Dicktation. I’ve certainly endured numerous periods of that, but the longest period has been two weeks.

  3. Well, that sounds like it work for you.
    My wife Merry does not like the ‘absolute’ rules that apply in some Mistress/slave type relationships. So our FLR is much more of a we-discuss-she-has-final-say.
    I am left wondering, thought, WHAT is Punishment Dicktation?

    • Dicktation is being locked in a chastity device. Punishment is when I’m locked and there’s no interaction, no teasing and absolutely no relief until the stated time has been endured.

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