What’s Your Nemesis?

We’ve been watching Star Trek movies recently and the final one in the set is Nemesis.  Not one of my favourites as I’m an old fashioned original Trekkie, but none-the-less it has to be watched.

So that got me thinking we should have a Nemesis themed evening.   I can think of a few Nemeses, most of them are made of leather and live at Lady C’s side of the bedroom 😦   I also know for certain that every single one of our implements will be Lady C’s as well as both my hands.

I had a quick look at the dictionary and found several definitions that are interesting from the DD perspective: The Greek goddess of retributive justice; One that inflicts retribution or vengeance.

Homework is now complete and I’m now able to say that Lady C is my Nemesis, and that the following implements are Nemeses: HOH Strap, Auntie Strap, Dominator Strap.   I’ve got a couple of suggestions for Lady C’s Nemeses but I’m going to discuss them with her.

What’s your Nemesis?


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