Catch Up Maintenance

As A has mentioned he was working away for quite a while. This has left the weekly maintenance sessions in not a small amount of disarray. With times A was home very short and often clashing with other family commitments, we have found ourselves with quite a backlog!
Luckily, whilst drawing up our contract, we made provision for just such an emergency. Maintenance missed can be caught up on by following a simple formula. A is really not looking forward to all the extra strokes required to catch his backside up on all the missed sessions.
The formula adds 4 strokes to the original 6 for each missed session! So for a session catching up on 1 we would have 10 strokes. I started him off gently as I feel his cheeks had become soft after such a long time, so 2 sessions were merged and 10 strokes duly swiped across his perfectly presented ass.
Today is the start of the extending of the maintenance sessions, A is to recieve 14 strokes of my beloved ‘Mistress Strap’ 3 sessions in one. This will be followed by the 4 session missed session, if you get my meaning, having 18 strokes of the strap.
I have been walking round town with a rather smug look upon my face as I am seeing a lot of my A’s beautifully rosy ass squirming beneath me.

Happy Spanking My Friends

Lady C

2 comments on “Catch Up Maintenance

  1. Bravo Lady C!! “A” should appreciate and thank you for your consistency after the Make Up Maintenance sessions are completed. He is indeed a very lucky man!! Maintenance is necessary to keep most everything working correctly. The formula for missed sessions is a splendid idea. Perhaps pre-Maintenance to cover anticipated missed sessions – with an expiration date, of course?

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