International Consensual Spanking Day

Saturday 8th August was International Consensual Spanking Day I read on the web – here to be precise.  I told Lady C about it and asked if she wished I could spank her naked ass consensually – she declined 😦

I offered mine to her for a spanking in a style that I wanted and she jumped at the chance.   Lying naked on the bed with Lady C sitting astride me with the boudoir paddle.   Just the perfect position for her to paddle my ass long and hard.    And she did enjoying every moment especially when I was trying to wriggle and swirm and just couldn’t get out of the way of the nasty little paddle.

In a DD relationship, aren’t all spankings consensual?   I gave my consent to Lady C a long while ago that she could spank and punish my ass any time, any place and make it memorable.  What’s the different on Spanking Day?  For us, nothing really.   Just a change of position and implement and be able to say we celebrated International Consensual Spanking Day and raised our glasses for a toast.

If you did so too, hope you had as much fun as we did.


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