Please Would You Whip My Ass

That was the words that Lady C demanded that I say.  Ok, I didn’t acutally say them they were send in a SMS message when I was on my way home.   “Yes A, hard! You will wriggle”.

“Loopy? Its the quietest.  I was thinking about the house guest.  Audible whacks might not be good”, said Lady C.

So with the scene set it took me about another 3 hours to get home.  The airline managed to mess me about by taking an extra 30 minutes before trying to leave the gate, by which time we had missed our slot.  Once landed, the bags tooks ages to come out and then there was a monstorous queue at the taxi rank and just to add insult to injury the taxi driver was intent on driving as slow as she could.

Eventually I got home and was invited to the bedroom.  We had something else going on, which I might share in another post and would like to explore a bit more with Lady C.  Anyway my clothing was removed and I stuck my ass in the air for my whipping.

It is pretty quiet both when it swishes through the air as well as when it lands.  Definately more of a whipping implement than a spanking one it bites and tends to cause welts.   Well it would have if Lady C had been in a stricter mood.   She only gave about 6 strokes and I didn’t wriggle, well I don’t think I did.  I suspect that after being away for a while she was happy to see me again.  “Oh, and we haven’t had any maintenance for a while either, have we?”.  No we haven’t.   Six light strokes with Loopy is definately not comparable with six with her bitch strap.   I’m not sure what the formula would be for maintenance, that would for Lady C to decide.  Unfortunately, there’s a bit of backlog in the maintenance department 😦

Meantime Lady C has asked if I want a massage when she gets home. Mmmm, OK its not very dominant asking me if I want, but if enough to get my brain working overtime thinking about what she might get up to 🙂


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