Get Over It

The last couple of weekends we’ve been having some play – C plays the extra strict picky dominant one and I do the other bit.   When I mean picky, I mean really picky.  For example are the knives and forks put on the table the way that C likes them; are the salt and pepper in a straight line; was the wine poured neatly.

Last weekend, I had to address C as My Lady, this weekend she decided that Mistress was to be her preferred form of address.   I get my full first name.  In company C is known as the quite vanilla My Darling (HOH).   There are, of course, lots of spankings.  Some just because C wants to, others for not quite meeting C’s standards.

Yesterday, I managed to accumulate a spanking in the time it took to pickup C from her work and return home – namely not shaving for her.  Once back in the house she inspected the bathroom with I had cleaned – not good enough she says.  By the time we got to the bus stop on the way to the pub I managed to get another for telling C (or Mistress) to “get over it”.   She really doesn’t like me using that phrase and visibily bristles.

Once home after a quick couple of drinks I start getting the spankings.   The first one using her new strap on my hands and knees on the floor with Mistress straddling me as she straps down my cheeks – ouch.   Just before dinner is served she invites me to lie over the table whilst she straps me with the Glasgow strap – not the best performance as there’s not enough room so I think I got off lightly.   Last one was when we retired to bed lying flat on my tummy as she strapped with the new strap again, again a bit easier on my ass when its not stretched.

She’s already promised me another spanking tonight after she gets home again 😦   Can’t imagine what that would be for.

These weekends of kinky strict fun are a good way of playing out a complete BDSM relationship whilst still doing the same things we would normally do.   I can’t ever see us doing it 24×7 and the complete attention to detail is a bit OTT.  I do like the aspect of the instant punishments/spankings even though they hurt at the time and I think we should extend these more into our DD relationship.   Even if we only make one rule or goal for a week, we should agree to it and comply with it and spankings when we don’t.  That would be my preferred DD – a immediate punishments when they are earned, no need to keep records or reminders and some sensible rules or plans to help up acheive our goals.

Time for discussion with Mistress while we create some sensible goals and plans.

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