Double Domestic Discipline

It was only a few days ago when I was thinking what the point of persevering with Domestic Discipline when we hadn’t done anything remotely DD.  It was looking like we should just call it a day and rip up all our rules and procedures. There has been no maintenance since mid December and no talk about it, no planning and definately no punishments.

The house looks like there’s no discipline in it.  Things are left strewn all over the place and there’s no plan to address all the things that need to be done.

And then, this morning when I least expected it, HOH pulls the bed covers off me and commands me into the “present” position.  This morning of all days, the morning when we did not expect to get a full nights sleep as C was due at the airport at a very unreasonable time.  

Maintenance usually means six measured strokes from her beloved HOH Strap.   Each finds its place squarely across my ass cheeks and with it the instant sting, the heat comes later.   After one or two I find myself wanting them to stop as this position really stretches my bum taut and gives absolutely no possibility of me clenching or Lady C missing.  They are never at full strength and I’ve always wondered what the evil strap would feel like if HOH felt like putting some effort into it.  Would a single stroke cause me to emit a squeal and immediately jump upright whilst my hands try to rub the pain away?

The strokes start and possibly are a bit quicker than usual.  After the sixth stroke landed I thought that was that and proceeded to get back into my usual sleeping position again without waiting for HOH to tell me that I could move again. “We’ve got a lot of catching up with Maintenance to do, so present again you’re getting more”.

Reluctantly I got back into position, well to be truthful I didn’t quite get my back arching quite as much as it should, and HOH delivered another six strokes.   Maybe it was the position that wasn’t as perfect or it could have been HOH feeling sorry for my bum, but these six didn’t feel as hard as the first six.   Once that was over it was definately time to snuggle back in as C demanded a cuddle.

So our first venture into DD this year turned out to be double maintenance.   On reflection it was nice in a different way.  It made me feel wanted and loved, something that’s been missing for a while.   Somehow I think HOH will be planning more to catch up with the four outstanding maintenance sessions.  Maybe the next time I’ll be writing about Triple Domestic Discipline.


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