The Loopy Johnny Experience

After a week with no work and lots of play it was punishment time.   It also coincided with HOH being treated as Goddess for a day.  Actually that lasted more than the day.

As part of the Goddess treats she allowed me to choose the implement and method of its use.   Loopy Johnny used vigourously was my choice.   Not because I particularly  like it, but because I thought HOH would like its effect.

When the time came , HOH commanded on my hands and feet on the floor and stood astride me and as instructed proceeded to whip down my arse cheeks vigourously.   A minute was HOH’s prescribed dose and it took nowhere near that to get my attention.

The Loopy Johnny is an evil invention and whilst it looks pretty harmless, its basically just a short whip.  Normally HOH takes her time with it to get a harder, more accurate stroke.   This means I get off with anything between 6 and 12 strokes, individually each stroke is not too hard to take but they tend to cause more welts than most of the other implements we have.   I’ve never experienced a lot more strokes, but I do know it would start becoming pretty nasty.

With HOH whipping away vigourously, each stroke was relatively lighter but there were a LOT more.  And the cumulative effect was for me to start wriggling to try and avoid them.  It seemed that most were landing on the right hand bum cheek and I was trying to twist so that some would land on my other cheek.   I don’t know if C was deliberately trying to punish only one side.  She has done in the past, but has always evened things up by punishing the other for a bit too.

Overall, not the worst punishment I’ve ever received, but C certainly enjoyed seeing me wriggling knowing that her efforts were having the desired effect.

That was a week ago and this week hasn’t really been much better than last so I might need to bare my ass for HOH again very soon.


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