How Strict Is Your HOH

How strict is your HOH, or just as importantly, how strict do you want them to be?    Sometimes I want HOH to be quite relaxed and basically lazy.  That allows me to be lazy too and when we’re like this we’re usually lazing about the house or visiting the pub.    Not really the reasons we started DD, but every now and again we need to be like this to recharge and whilst not doing anything about we do talk and thing of grand plans.

The opposite end of the scale would be complete strict bitch.   I looked at the defination of strict here. Just what every HOH should be – “Demanding that behaviour concerning behaviour are obeyed and observed.”    Another word to look at is stern – “… serious and unrelenting, especially in the assertion of authority and excercise of discipline”.

Somewhere in the middle is the more fair HOH – one who can made a judgement that although things didn’t get completed there was a valid reason or someting else was done instead.   This is probably where we should be most of the time, but aren’t.

I want C to be the strict and stern HOH from time to time.   When she’s in this mood it means I’m focussed and we achieve things.  Its not quite boot camp but just turns up the DDness a bit.  With this in mind, I set out and fabricated the HOH-o-meter.


I’ve got some games spinners – they cost pennies from Amazon – but they’re just the spinner.  I was surprised how many there were in the bag when I only wanted one or two.    I screwed one of them to a piece of laminate board we had left over and it accepts dry marker or white board pens.   Around the spinner I’ve written “Easy”, “Fair” and “Strict Bitch”.   The idea is not to spin the arrow and take your chances but to point at how I want HOH to be.

It was initially a bit of fun, but I think we can take this further and allow either of us to up the ante when we notice that things are standards start to fall again.

I’ve also made some other things with the spinners, they were most definately for play.   Two spinners, the first marked with plastic/rubber, wood, leather and the other with short+light, long+light, short+hard, long+hard.  Spin each to discover something to do – plastic/rubber could be a chastity device, C’s HOH Strap or the ball crusher, wood could be the humbler or a paddle and leather could be any of our tawses/straps or some fetish leather wear.   I made a serious design flaw by putting long+hard at the bottom. Holding it up to show C what I’d made it continually stopped spinning at long+hard.    Best used on a flat horizontal surface.

Whilst the HOH-O-Meter is a bit of fun I do want C to take the serious strict bitch role more sometimes.   Its still too easy to put off doing tasks and chores and by the end of a week we’ve achieved nothing again except to fill the recycling with wine bottles and fill the pub tills with cash.    I think the strict bitch Lady C and I need to look closely at our goals again, not the long term ones, but the short term ones.  What do we need to do this week or today? Also the flip side of that is – what should we not do this week?

How strict and stern do you want your HOH to be?

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