Maintenance is overdue, punishments are overdue.Luckily HOH’s memory is bad so any pending punishments will be forgotten, or merged with Maintenance. Maintenance will not as we have a calendar reminder for that.

To be honest HOH is very soft in this respect. Sometimes a punishment ends up as a dose of maintenance. Other times it is just forgiven.

I don’t want to see HOH deliver a watered down punishment. If it ess worthy of 30 strokes when she was annoyed, then it should still be worth the same when it the time is right for administering.

Am I crazy?  No, I want Domestic Discipline to be effective in making us achieve our goals. Right now it is like everything else in our lives, we do what we can get away with.

Next month sees our DD lifestyle kick in again and an opportunity for C to get some of these tasks moving that she’s been moaning about all summer.


6 comments on “Overdue

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  2. Well if you were nearby I’d whip you for failing to actually do your duty as a submissive male. It is not up to your wife to remember what you do wrong. It is up to you. If she forgets you need to get down on your knees and remind her…immediately. Now go and stand in your corner until she notices and asks why. At that point you tell her and accept your whipping.

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