Updates on My Dicktator

I’ve made some tweaks to my Chastity Device or as we call it here, Dicktator.   It now feels more comfortable, whilst more restricting and at the same time is performing better.   What did I do?

Lets start at the beginning.   The first device was a CB6000.    It came with five different rings and different spacers.   I was confused and the general advice was to just find something that fitted and worked.    I didn’t know what it was meant to be like.

Eventually I settled on two different rings, and one spacer and it was used from month to month for a period of approx 3 days at a time.   The physical experience wasn’t too great as (a) it was fiddly to put on and no way Lady C would have been able to fit it on me; (b) early morning erections were painful and the act of trying to pee was almost impossible; (c) the device still allowed almost full erections; (d) The skin beneath the ring would bunch up and fold over becoming painful over time; (e) The plastic chafes, especially underneath.

The obvious ones we solved, I put it on at Lady C command and some lubrication either baby oil or water based lube were applied both when fitting and after showering.

Then I read somewhere that a chastity device is not like a cock ring – it should not restrict the flow of blood to the penis.  The ring should be large enough to accomodate early morning erections.   Another gem was that if the skin is folding over inside the ring then it is too small.   The CB6000 ships with 5 rings: 1 1/2, 1 5/8, 1 3/4, 1 7/8 and 2 inches, or 38, 41.3, 44.5, 47.6 and 50.8 mm.      I eventually stumbled upon two additional rings that are sold: a large at 2 1/8 (54mm) and extra large at 2 1/4 (57mm).   I needed to get a bigger ring.  The macho that is in all men told me that I obviously needed the extra large.  The sensible head said I needed a more scientific method.

The folks at Mature Metal sell a set of plastic sizing rings for this very purpose,  I took their advice and found two sizess that did not give me the overnight pain and the burn from folds of skin under the ring.     We ordered the new ring for the CB6000 and suddenly it was like night and day.    It was comfortable to wear and almost pleasurable to wear (not sure the word pleasurable should be used in this context).

With the CB6000 resurrected it is now the preferred device over the Birdlocked Neo.   A few trials and it was obvious that the ring had been the problem (and the lack of good sizing advice).

Mature Metal’s need four sizes: the diameter of the ring; the diameter of the tube (or cage); the distance between them and the length of the tube.   The CB6000 has fixed diameters of cages and there’s not a lot I can do about it.  The distance between them even Mature Metal suggest that most men …   Since obtaining the larger ring the balls and skin doesn’t get as bunched up as before and I’m mostly happy with the gap.   That leaves the length of the tube.

The length was a simple measurement from underneath the cock from the balls to the tip then subtract 1/4 inch.     The biggest problem I had was being able to read an inch tape whilst naked looking for my reading glasses before I start getting an erection thinking about it all.   I solved the problem with a device of my own making – my pocket sized Filofax has a semi-rigid plastic ruler in it that is inserted at the current page of the diary.   I had an extra one and with a trumbone style paper clip, it was possible to find the length for recording later at leisure.

The first time I found the size I was aghast.  This couldn’t be correct, could it?   My penis in its flacid state was only 2 1/4 inches.  This was a major blow to my ego.  But what seems to be despair on one side can be used by my Lady C into a threat – “Do you want me to reduce that ?? inch cock to 2 inches?”.

I took several sizes over a period of a week.   The largest was 2 3/4 inches, the smallest at 2.   I’m not happy with the conditions under which these sizes were made and the fact that there’s a varience of 0.75 over 2.75 means that the error is potentially around 27%.    So sometime I’ll need to repeat the excercise.    Either way it meant that the CB6000 cage was too long.

The CB6000 standard ships with a 3 1/4 inch cage, however there is a CB6000 small which has a 2 1/2 inch cage.   It was a blow to the heart to have to admit to myself that I needed the small cage.   I had thought at one point I needed the large 3 3/4 inch cage of the Curve.    The small cage is also sold separately and it was obvious that I had to get one.

Before resigning myself to the fact, we performed another experiment just to make sure.   We found that plastic drinks bottle caps fitted inside the tube and neatly reduced the overall length of it.   As a controlled experiment, two were put inside to reduce the length down.    The effects were stunning.

The instant difference is that I am aware of the end of the cage.   Most initials stirrings of my cock to attempt an erection is immediately put in check and stops almost after a twitch.   It is an amazing feeling to painlessly feel your erection being denied.   This is what I been craving – I needed control.

We’ve just recently purchased the new CB6S cage and Lady C was skeptical (good) that I would ever fit into it.  “Its awfully small isn’t it?”.   However after squeezing into the new cage and the padlock snapped shut she has decided that it is better.   “It doesn’t protrude as much and hides better under your clothes”.    How about you’ve just reduced my manhood to a miserly 2 1/2 inches?

As Lady C had emptied my balls prior to the initial fitting, the first day was not going to be representative of a normal frustrated male in a chastity tube.    She unlocked me at the end of the day and her intention was that was it tested because, as far as she was concerned, I had already spent two days with the normal tube on and after three days this session was finished.

I wanted more, I needed to get that thrill of being controlled in the tube, to feel the futile efforts of my cock trying to achieve an erection, the knowledge that somebody has control over me.   So I locked myself back and relinquished total control of my cock to Lady C.

The first night was uneventful – turning over in the night was easier as there is less plastic to catch on the sheets, there was no painful erection in the morning.   On waking there was this fullness in the tube as I continually struggle against Dicktator.  Its almost like the spasm that occurs during orgams (guys you’ll know the feeling), the push against the end of the tube, then its over.

As the day progressed the same delicious feeling was present quite a lot of the time and there was some pre-cum oozing from the end giving notice that this is all working like it should and performing the role of the frustrating Dicktator.   Only problem now is that even although I locked myself up for a trial/experiment Lady C is now is charge of proceedings and anything I have to say will fall on deaf ears unless, perhaps, I can think of something what would cause me even more frustration.

Finally, if anyone out there is looking for sizing advice, in particular for a CB6000 type device, I am thinking about creating a static page for this purpose – let me know.

A frustrated, locked up and Dicktated A

2 comments on “Updates on My Dicktator

  1. How delicious to know that the slightest hint of erection can be stifled! I shall be controlling this and watching the results with interest, just think how frustrated A will be when teased and denied until he begs for release.

    Lady C

    • I’m thinking you are enjoying these enhancements to Dicktator just too much and I’m wondering if you have an unlock date planned or waiting for me to start the begins.

      A quite frustrated A

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