Another Spanking Challenge

I’ve mentioned the spanking challenge a few times, this post, and this one describes the idea, and this one tells how I wimped out.   After last week’s punishment when HOH had me tied over the benchboard and had paddled my ass I thought that this might be the way that I could do a bit better at the spanking challenge.

So it was back over the benchboard and with my ass secured in place C set up her phone to record the time.  As the time clicked to the new minute C started vigourously paddling with the Boudoir Paddle.   It really didn’t long before I was wriggling and trying to escape the blows.    As the half minute approached C told me that I was half way.   She kept paddling at the same furious rate and I was aware that my legs were kicking up too, or as much as they can when restrained around the knees.

Eventually the minute was up and once again my ass was tingling and hot.   C had that really smug look on her face again and I could tell that she had enjoyed herself.   But I had survived a minute of the paddle, no way could I have stayed in position for that and that’s probably going to be a lesson for C that restraints are going to be needed a lot more.

I think this is first time that C has had my legs kicking, but I am certain it is not going to be the last.


6 comments on “Another Spanking Challenge

  1. Ha ha… C should have used Her phone to *record* the session, not just time it! 🙂
    i do kick my legs up quite a bit, She informs me. sara

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