Punishment Part 2 – Go Fetch The Tawse

“Go and fetch the tawse”, HOH commanded. Now give it to me.

HOH held her hand out straight and I lifted the tawse as if to strike her on the outstretched hand. “Not like that!”

“Hmmm, your hands are quite cold tonight, aren’t they?” “Don’t worry, I’ll be warming them up for you”. You’re going to need that Dicktator off now as well.

“Get all your clothes off and stand over there.” “Put your hands out – no a bit lower please”.

“Now, other hand on top”. “Right hand again”. “Left again”.

“Come here” and huggggggs. “Your hands are a bit warmer now, aren’t they?

Four strokes with the 2H Tawse, two on each hand in the traditional cross hands position. Ouch it smarts.

To be continued….

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