A Good Spanking

I’ve mentioned a few time over the course of posting here about what consitutes a good spanking.    The best thing for summing it up is the phase “A good spanking only starts when the recipient wants it to stop”.

Yes – that means you’ve got to the point when you realise that you’re in further than you really wanted and its starting to hurt.  Worse still your spanker stops briefly to roll up their sleeves or take off a layer of clothes just means that the spanking is only just starting and there’s a long way to go.

Being disciplined, punished and baring your ass cheeks is a very submissive act and even the slightest inclined dominant person would find it difficult not to take charge of the situation and spank.   For me, giving up control and having a dominant beat on my submissive ass cheeks is what I get off on.

Its true that the sting and heat can start becoming unbearable but a good spanker knows when to get respite for a few minutes before readjusting, selecting new weaponry or just resting before getting you wriggling again.    Once wriggling has started its a inevitable that “please stop” or, if you’ve got one, the safe word is uttered.

The experienced spanker knows if this plea to stop is genuine and starts to finish up, or if this is crocodile tears and more is required.    Either way, I want the spanker to decide.

Generally we don’t use a safe word and any time that we have had one in place, its never been used.   What has happened is that C has whacked away enough to get to that point when the good spanking starts and as I’ve been unrestrained and usually not lying across anything, managed to wriggle out of the way of the blows or alter my position to lessen their effect.   Maybe a safe word would work for us.   C gets the security of knowing that she’s not roasted my ass enough as I haven’t said the word yet and I have to cope with the fact that I need to say if I want to chicken out of a good spanking.

What would be your choice of safe word?

I’m also interested if you actually have a safe word or just let your more dominant partner decide.

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