Do I Need A New Dicktator?

We currently have two chastity devices, a CB6000 and a Birdlocked Neo – OK they’re actually mine.   Without repeating myself, this page describes the relative merits of each.  Do I need another?

Let me just review a bit.   The original CB6000 when it arrived had a bit impact on our relationship. It was meant for a bit of bedroom kink and neither of us had had any experience in chastity play before.   That particular device was chosen mainly because of the good availability with UK suppliers and the reviews about being good for starters.   It took a while to get a combination of rings and pins that were a good fit – or so I thought at the time.    With 20-20 hindsight I think I chose badly and would now be better getting a larger set of rings and finding a size that is a better fit and doesn’t cause the skin to crease. 

First time on the feeling was amazing and it was incredible how the power shifted and C had so much fun at my expense.  A few years on and it felt time to get another and the Birdlocked Neo was the choice as it looked more contraining.   I ordered this and had to work away before it arrived.    Lady C was home and opened the parcel and it was obvious that the first thing that was going to happen when I got home was a fitting.    I’ve worn the Birdlocked for longer consequecutively than the CB6000 and its certainly more accomodating in some ways than others however it still starts becomes uncomfortable.

C is planning more time with me dickated and, if I know C, the time spent will be progressively get longer.

What do I want from a chastity device.   Actually I don’t like the word chastity device and I don’t think I’m into chastity.   I’m into control or more accurately, loss of control.    I want a device than prevents me getting an erection and makes it all hang downwards.   I want the device to stop the end of my penis from extending in a teasing manner in the same way that you want to stretch your legs on the bus or train and can’t.   I want that gentle teasing of not now.   If it is to be worn when I’m commanded I want it to be comfortable even though it is restricting.   I don’t want to have unnecessary pain and above all I want it to be hygenic.

I’ve done a bit of research into alternate devices and the correct fitting of them.   The male anatonomy is so different from penis to penis that a one size fits all or even the stretchy silicon type is not going to do most.   Sizing is going to be a challenge, its not the thing you want to drop into the local sex shop and do.  “Please could you size my penis for an appropriate chastity device?”   

On the web sizing information is limited and can be contradictary and I think the safest option would be for a custom made device.   A device that will contain my bits in a safe and clean manner and control them until C permits an erection or an orgasm.    Steelwerxx are based in Germany and this particular model looks like it ticks most of the boxes, however this one from Mature Metal looks like it would be easier to keep clean.  I like the simplicity of it and it says “CONTROL” to me.  However getting a custom device shipped to the UK from the US could cause all sorts of embarressing conversations with the customs and excise or the freight forwarders.

I still don’t want to do 24×7 chastity.   That is not my thing.   I want C to have control of me in a kinky, teasing, dominating and fun manner.    FLR can stand for both Female Led Relationship as well as Fun Loving Relationship.   I want both!

5 comments on “Do I Need A New Dicktator?

    • Hi Giles, I did look at the Holy Trainer but it’s too much like the CB6000 and doesn’t have that open style that I want. Maybe if the CB6000 breaks it would be considered as a replacement

  1. Get the steelwerxx revenge. It is a great bit of kit, for your bit of kit, I have one and can recommend it.

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