Not Quite A Sore Bum

Yesterday I suggested to HOH that there was an outstanding punishment and that it was now Punishment Time.   HOH accepted the reminder and presently I was invited to go and lie across the benchboard.The benchboard means that restraints can be used and unlink HOH’s other favourite position means the opportunity for wriggling out of position in a feeble attempt to avoid the stingy straps is removed.     The benchboard is slightly more accomodating in that my bum is not stretched as tightly which reduces the impact slightly.   This is usually not any big deal for HOH who can just add extra strokes to compensate.

I had tongue in cheek suggested that a nice light handspanking would be all that would be required and it was with some surprise that C started to spank my bared ass with her hands.   “Mmmm, that’s your cheeks all warmed up now”.   Normally C goes straight to the straps full on making the first few strokes almost unbearable.

Seven times the 2M tawse whacked across my cheeks and it was just short of the point where I was going to regret reminding HOH about the punishment when she stopped and finished off with a two handed rally of hand spanks.    Sometime I need to dedicate a post about the definition of “a good spanking” – A Good Spanking starts when the recipient wants it to stop.

So by that definition it wasn’t a good spanking, however the slate has been wiped clean and life can continue.    Later we discussed the punishment and C agreed that she had let me off lightly and I had better watch out as she can easily get me to continue where she left off.  “What?” said I, “you want me to spank myself”.   “Yes, my arm is sore after a couple of hours ironing”.

But what was the reason for the original punishment?    I managed to upset C.   C is the one I love, not HOH, not Lady C or any other character, but C.   That was, for me, the important thing about offering my bared cheeks to her for punishment.    That said, lots of people and things around me upset me and continue to upset me, do they put their ass on the line?   No – and that’s one of the many reasons I have this bad mood so often.  Unfortunately C tends to have to cope with it and sometimes gets hit in the cross fire.   I do know that I would rather my ass cheeks faced C’s arsenal of evil straps and tawses and put up with the pain that life throws at me.

Last night did kinda end with me ending up a bit sulky and C went off to bed on her own leaving me with a bottle of whisky and some music as friends.   I’m feeling a bit better this morning but still hurting from the latest round of life (not C) that has upset me.  I think I may have mildly annoyed C last night, but she can be very considerate with me when I’m down.

We have a lot of music that we enjoy together and one of our all time favourites especially as the words sum us up a lot is this.  We have a slightly different version it and I would rate it higher than this from the 2009/2010 Hootenanay.   However Florence Welch looks amazing and gives her all. This song really lifts my heart and it would be fitting to have C beat out the tempo with her boudoir paddle for the duration whilst singing out loud.  That definately would give her the overall angry red glow and hot bot that she so enjoys and put a smile of my other cheeks too.


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