Punishment Time

Just over a week ago I mentioned here that I had refused maintenance and upset HOH.
HOH has caught up with maintenance, however the other matters still have to be addressed.

Part of my resolutions this year were to remind C of missed punishments and I hereby give notice that HOH has a bottom to punish.

I’m suggesting that this afternoon C does the aforementioned task and gives due punishment. I’m suggesting this afternoon because we have the time, we won’t be distracted by pubs or wine bottles and it’s overdue.

I’ll know that she has taken note of my reminder as I’ll hear a call to get my ass into the position called “present” or find myself tied down across the benchboard whilst HOH goes and selects a suitably harsh instrument for punishing.

With a bit of luck it’ll be whack across each cheek with her hand 😉

Afterwards HOH can see if she can inspire me to take her to the pub for a well deserved sun-downer where we can make plans for the rest of the night.


3 comments on “Punishment Time

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  2. I’m required to remind my Mistress Wife of pending punishment as well. Wish circumstances didn’t dictate that is necessary (kids, life) so it could be meted out when the infraction or just her desire to do so occurs. Such is life.

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