So You Do Want To Be Spanked By A Stranger

When I posted about who wants to be spanked by a stranger I knew that I did.  This post is about my interpretations of the results.

In the main I wasn’t surprised by the results.    44% wanted to be spanked in the presence of a stranger and 40% wanted to spanked by a stranger.   I think that most visitors here are subs and therefore the high percentages, but I didn’t put a I don’t answer so the poll is not complete.   5 of you (12%) wanted to be the stranger spanking.   That’s good – if we just get the spankers to hookup with the spankees then life would be great and champagne would fall from the skies.   

Only 1 person out there wanted to watch their sub get a spanking.  I know who that 1 person is 😉    C wants to watch whilst I get a spanking from a stranger.   That’s good because that’s part of my fantasy, however I would have thought that more dommes would have wanted to watch too.  But if most voters and visitors are spankees then that will make the score low.

The other thing that was surprising was that only one person voted to see their dom(me) get a spanking.  Given that the majority of you are spankees does that mean that you are all too scared of your dominant other to see them get a red hot bot?   I was the one person that voted in favour of C getting a spanking from a stranger whilst I watch 🙂   Why not?  I like the sight of a pretty bum getting reddened as much as she does and I blogged about wanting to spank her recently.

That was the first question results.  The second question asked about participating in a virtual spanking.   My vision was for the remote spanker to script exactly how they would give a spanking if they could but send it to C or your own dominant other and they carry out the instructions.

Only half as many voted on this one and again most of you spankos out there (80%) wanted a virtual spanking.   However only 20% were prepared to generate the spanking.   Again I forgot a I don’t want to do this answer so the poll.    It appears, though, that there is a demand for virtual spanking out there on the web and it looks like those providing the spanking service could make lots out of this.   I certainly do not intend to open some introduction service to put these people in touch with each other but don’t be surprised the next time I create a poll that asks about my next spanking.

Happy Spanking,


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