A Spanking For HOH

I really fancy giving HOH a spanking.  A nice over the knee bottom warming spanking.   I’ve been thinking about it since last night when she was being delightfully dominating.

There’s a  minor flaw – C doesn’t like to be spanked. So I’ve thought up something that might give me what I want and allow C to experience the truly nice experience of a nice hot bot.

I can see this going a number of different ways:

1 – I get a telling off for even suggesting attempting such a feat and end up getting disciplined a few times by C

2- C goes all the way over my knee with her bum bared and just before I raise my hand, see threathens that if i even give the slightest touch it’ll be bad for me.  The end result might end up as 1.

3 – C actually allows me to spank on the bare – a post spanking review determines if I was too hard

4 – Kinda like 3 except C says exactly what is to happen.   For example, “I’m going to bend over now”, “spank this cheek”, “that’s enough”, “not there”.  It still ends up with the post spanking review.   All the spanko’s know this type of behaviour and are bad for it.  Its generally called “topping from the bottom”.

5 – She negotiates that if she is going to get spanked then I have to agree to one too.  One of her choice (usually hurts).  This is in addition to any punishment she might be handing out later.

The post spanking review is going to be C deciding if any slap was too hard, the overall spanking was too much or anything else that she didn’t like about.   Chances are unless I am laying them on with a feather I might just slap a little bit to vigorously 🙂

So what can C do in preparation?   Well, one of our standing instructions are that I’m only allowed to spank HOH whilst I have one of her approved chastity devices.  Giving too much and I’m guessing that she’s going to want it to stay on for a little bit longer.    Having her strap in (my) view as a deterrent and for ready access when she commands STOP and suddenly the positions are exchanged.   I also thought she could have a cord around my balls so that she can give a light tug when she wants me to back off a bit and another light tug when she’s had enough.

I’m not sure what scenario will happen and I don’t even have a preferred one.   The overall best end result for me would be for both HOH and OOH to have a warm (HOH) and hot (OOH) bum and then get down to conjugate the spanking.

3 comments on “A Spanking For HOH

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  2. I have another option for you: why don’t you “soften” your implements–put on a soft glove for handspanking or put some kind of “soft” protective cover on implements so that she receives pleasure INSTEAD of discomfort???

    Just sayin’,l


    • Hi Bob,

      Like the suggestions and I’ll make sure C gets the options. Last night C didn’t have enough time to read the entire post before we met up with friends for dinner and pubs. By the time we got to discussing it we were well and truly incapable of doing anything. There were a number of different responses from C by the end of the night, none of which were surprising.

      She started out with a “Think again sunshine!” and there was “whatever you do you’ll get back 10 times” and other various threats. Can’t wait until later tonight when we get alone as there were some very interesting suggestions. I really can’t remember the details but some of the words were “ginger and (my) ass”, “doggy style” and “spanking challenge”. Sounds like a fun night in.

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