A Course in Caning

The one implement that C is not particularly competant with is the cane.  We’re going to change that this year by getting her to practice a bit (not on my ass) and in a few months you might see some changes in the punishments that are served.Why would I want C to learn to use such an instrument?   A number of reasons:  the first is simply that I feel we are missing out on such a device; I like the idea of wearing the marks for a couple of days; and six of the best will be one of C’s punishments that ensures better behaviour in the future.   Luckily C has forgotten that we’ve gone metric that six is still six and not ten.

I don’t imagine there are any courses at night schools or colleges that I can send C to.   There might be professional dominatrix who is willing to teach the necessary skills but I think its going to be HOH and OOH doing a bit of research via the web and some practical excercises where she gets to beat a pillow.   Now if anybody has any good tips, feel free to pass them on.   I’ll let you know how we get on.

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